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Orange chat help

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I got it confirmed that it was no problem to do this even though I was leavning for Sweden on the 27th.

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My hope is, since the old order was cancelled, to be able to make a new order to get fiber installed in the apartment. Muchas gracias!

Orange chat

That did the trick But I had to try it on two different computers, did not work on the first one! Sorry for writing in spanish Todos los temas del foro Tema anterior Tema nuevo. Observador habitual.

Sorry for my bad spanish I have a problem and I hope that someone hlp can help me. Best regards and many thanks in advance! To make a report concerning child exploitation, Use this form. Forward spam messages to Learn More.

APR varies. A down payment is required at time of upgrade. Sales taxes cnat full purchase price due at the time of sale. If you cancel wireless service, remaining balance on device becomes due. HD-capable device.

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Credits will continue unless service is interrupted and cannot be combined with other offers. Includes 50 domestic voice roaming minutes sel. Sufficient funds must be added within days of fhat or acct.

If any secondary lines leave, price will change. If the primary line leaves, secondary lines automatically move to a new plan at the next pymt. Primary oraneg for monthly pymt. Data Terms: Customers who use more than 35GB of data during a billing cycle on a line will have speeds reduced to 2G. After 3 mos.

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Data Plans: Data access ends after allotted data usage. Not all plans can be combined with other offers.

BYOD: Avail. Requires Boost Mobile service plan.