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Erp chat logs

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Erp chat logs

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Time aside, I typically try to take everything done in-character, in stride. Some characters are just jerks, or racist, or in a bad mood.

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Talk it up, make up some silly rumor - Not the hurtful, direct-attacks kind, but the erp, light-hearted one. Most chat are actually pretty nice, but the bad ones tend to stick out. What I do have a problem with is people imposing their interests on others, be it through coercion, deception or any other sort of emotional influence. I started mogging pants because of that guy even though it makes no logical sense to wear pants under the robe.

Or 2 guys that wanted to log 2 separate characters of mine reproduce -vomits-and said it would be worth dying if they were to make it happen to my characters.

So non-consensual ERP and killing their characters to do so… those people need mental help, badly. While I think many of the assessments in the thread are accurate, I also think walk up roleplay can be riddled with cliques.

Not without a form of tracking of course! It was wonderful meeting you!

Inessa Hara Inessa Hara. Put in spoiler's due to the mention of ERP. Not actually ERP though.

This post was last modified:AM by Jancis. Parvacake Parvacake. D: [ a.

Should have done that. Need to wipe up the water I squirted out my nose. Volk Volk. Ghost: Fantasia into potatoes.

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