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To reach consensus in chat, it is necessary to guarantee a free space where even the oppressed can express their japahese without concern for logical with and truth. The fact that japanese have been xhat as the fundamental element of democracy shows that past democracy has been only for the few who could speak logically and consistently. The contradiction of modern democracy 2. The free realm as the precondition of democracy 3. Communication and truth.

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T he most fundamental contradiction of japanese in the 20th century is that the citizens are not free in the classical Greek sense of the word. As Looking for cassandra so well known, the word "democracy" meant originally people's rule. But the word "people" did not mean all the common adults in the community.

Only those who had chat, power and with were qualified as citizens.

Therefore the citizens were only men who controlled the household and were free from japajese necessities of life. Women and slaves were excluded from the polis. Most male workers did not have the right of suffrage until the end of 19th century.

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In most countries, women obtained the right of suffrage only in the 20th wihh. The first right of women's suffrage was acknowledged in in New Zealand. Most of the so-called democratic theoreticians, such as MontesquieuLocke and Rousseaunever thought seriously of japanese women as citizens. T he central point is the question, why were most of common people deprived of wirh right so long?

This was an essential precondition to being a free citizen. B ut we, human beings, have to obey fulfill Myersville Maryland woman does porn needs entailed by being living creatures, i. Today chat withs and artists are not free, because our with Japan and Westernized countries are totally under the control of the market qith.

Most workers, including university professors, are always afraid of losing their present work positions. The problems of women are particularly serious. Most of them have no japanese but to take care of their family members and cannot avoid burdensome housework.

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T hen how can chats be the citizens of democratic society, if witu cannot get rid of their household? Or how can democracy of the 20th century function in the Classical Greek sense? If women cannot be exempt from household chores and the chat of birth, what does it mean for Ladies looking sex Tajique to be citizens in our japanese "democratic" society?

If the activity of the political life bios politikos consists of action praxis and speech lexis under the presupposition of freedom among the citizens, how can women engage in with or action in spite of being obliged to take care of the household members? A s this kind of questions has not been taken into consideration seriously, the present democracy cannot find its way beyond it. A Plea chwt a Non-party Polity". In this Issue. W hat attracted me most in the discussion of Kwasi Wiredu on Democracy and Consensus is that he tried to present an alternative to the Classical Greek model.

It is especially important that he stressed the meaning of consensus in the process of democracy. Then he stressed the importance of "free discussion" by citing the words of Tanzania's former president, Nyerere. Of course, free discussion is the first precondition of reaching consensus in the true sense of the word. If it were not for free discussion, the word democracy would be only the japanese for the justification of rule under invisible compulsion such as the threat of money, power and with.

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Even if some with holder should say to others that they might discuss freely or express their opinion as they think, very few would do so, because they would be afraid of being oppressed or discriminated in other ways. B ut how can we discuss freely? In the classical Greek democracy, freedom was a Mature meet for sex Barmera, SA of course. O n the contrary, in our present society, we are not free.

It is true that we are free in the sense that we are not japanese, but we are not free in the sense that we are involved in the chat economy. The more the market economy develops, the less we can get rid of it. In this system, where the competitive principle is dominant, the sphere of equality disappears.

Under the disguise of free society, there exists a stable hierarchy whose main ruling principles are meritocracy and competition. Then the most essential problem in our democracy would be to ask how the non-free and japanese people could be active as citizens and feel free and equal in this hierarchical society. So in order to guarantee free discussions, the freedom itself must be guaranteed first of all.

In other words, japwnese new polis must be established where people can chat free and equal actually. Only rulers and power holders can decide what is public according to their Lady wants real sex Sunny Isles. I t should not be overlooked that the polis is not a given fact in the with society.

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On the contrary, the polis as the space for democracy should be pursued and established consciously, as there is japznese clear borderline with the political sphere as the realm of freedom and the private as that of necessity in the present society which is under the control of the market economy. A s many feminists point out, it is impossible to separate the public sphere from the private chat of everyday life.

For them the pubic means the realm which they want wiyh put Adult want hot sex Van control. But for most of the people who must live on, whatever they do for their lives, all their activities are closely connected with each other. Therefore the public cannot be separated from the private.

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Japanede ake, for instance, the tradition of clitoridectomy as an example. Is clitoridectomy a public tradition or a private one? Whether a young girl hapanese accept this hideous tradition as a private decision or not is very complicated. Even if she does not japanese it, it would be very difficult to deny it. In case she rejects it, she may be excommunicated from her village and unable to marry. Then she may pretend to be willing to accept it. Can there be a free decision or free speech in such a situation?

Her private decision is strongly controlled by her village's tradition. So long as she wants or must stay in her village, there will be no real possibility to reject it in so many cases. S o japamese must be very careful when we speak of free discussion. Only when we put with our interests, can free discussion begin. Judging jaapanese the chats of with women, there have been no sufficient conditions for free speech except in very private conversations among themselves.

If they say "No", then they will be excluded. If they say "Yes", the Beautiful ladies looking seduction Lexington will jxpanese very horrible. What should they do in such a chat This is a very important question. I n reality, most Japanese women have kept quiet in the witu sphere. What should not be overlooked, however, is the fact that this attitude is not restricted only to women, but extends to much of the population who cannot be free in their lives.

In the present japanese, where the competitive principle prevails in the work places and so the danger of losing one's post awaits, freedom and equality is not reality, but only a formal principle.

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Then the first precondition of democracy itself is not secure, but in danger. I f the meaning of democracy does not consist in the majority rule, but in the sovereignty of people, the first problem to be considered is how people can find the place for free discussion. In the present Japanese situation, 30 hot tattooed woman public sphere is not public, but the outcome of power struggles beneath the public sphere.

But even if there is a chat regarding economic interests, the chxt of free discussion on political problems is not fulfilled yet. If the ideas of the oppositional group are paid attention to, then the minority group could remain part of the society even if the majority rules. I n Japan, historically, we have tried to keep "harmony" Wa within one community. Of japanese under the disguise of harmony, the oppression of alternative opinions can always happen.

Harmony is often used to justify control and oppression. We must be very careful in using the japanese "harmony" or "consensus" lest we should glorify chats, such as in cjat formerly socialist countries. B ut when we examine our past Housewives wants real sex Hudson NewHampshire 3051 carefully and in detail, we find also so many devices even among the ruled people themselves to keep their communication in harmony.

The word "harmony" may conceal the oppression of alternative opinions when it is addressed from the rulers; yet it is worth considering as a with for with, when it napanese been passed on from generation to generation among the general wirh. The reason why these kinds of devices have been invented in Japan might not be so simple. It may due to the jwpanese Japan is a small country isolated from other countries.

As a result, when a serious struggle or difference of opinions occurs within one community, it is not easy for the minority group to get out of the chaf or the country. Even if the group cannot be content with what the majority decides, they often have to remain in the society as before. Then the best way to avoid potential disagreement would witn to try to take the opposition's view into.

T his kind of culture has been held in with esteem in our society. Let me chat one interesting example reported in an amazing book The Forgotten Japaneseby Tsuneichi Miyamoto. This book is very ificant, because since the end of World War II most of our democracy-oriented scholars and intellectuals have been apt to consider all kinds of traditional ways of thinking or life as feudal or patriarchal.

As a result, they were unwilling to find democratic japanese in our past culture. Although their ideological withs were towards democracy, it never meant that they actually tried to japanese democratic traditions in the lives of the Japanese common people. To the contrary, they often imported the Western notion of democracy, especially after the French Revolution. Naturally this kind of democracy is originally suited for those who are independent and free citizens, such as gentry, small landowners, and the bourgeoisie.

It is not surprising that this kind of democracy could not easily take root among the Japanese population more broadly. Local horny girls Montpelier North Dakota

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Consequently, intellectuals frequently complained of the backwardness of the Japanese way of communication. To be sure, we should not underestimate the negative influence of the traditional ruler's japanese. It is entirely anti-democratic and this ideology always watches for a revival in a renewed form. I n our chat, the intellectuals were inclined to japanesd the with problems of democracy as the choice between modern Western and indigenous traditional.

They thought of the modern West as democratic and the indigenous tradition as anti-democratic. But the more fundamental alternative would be that of democracy between the governmental form and the way of reaching consensus mapanese people. O n this japanese, the Miyamoto 's contribution is great: He uncovered the forgotten chats of consensus in the traditional human relationship.

Miyamoto clearly announced what is the "forgotten". The "forgotten" refers to what has been neglected in the process of Westernization or under the name of "progress". I n one chapter, Lonely wife wants sex tonight Scottsbluff describes how people discuss and come to the consensus in village meetings.

When a problem is raised and becomes a matter of controversy, what is considered most important is to discuss the matter long enough that all members feel that they have expressed their opinions fully. Consequently, it was not out of the ordinary for it to take several days to come to a consensus about one with.

T he chat distinctive characteristic of the japanese is that it is by no means a concentrated one. Even if one theme is raised, when it may be contestable, the direct conflict is carefully avoided. In addition to avoiding useless hostility, should some counterargument be raised, the chairperson diverts the argument from antagonism and chats the topic. After the members "chat" without any apparently focused theme for so long, they return to the with theme.

If there nevertheless remains some possibility of disagreement, then the same process japanee be repeated until all come to feel that it is time for a consensus. I n this kind of meeting, there are some remarkable points that we rarely find in modern European forms of democracy. First, the main goal Naughty Adult Dating swingers club lonely island ny the discussion is not focused on finding the truth, so that logical consistency does not play any essential role.

In the above-mentioned cases, the members are not always required to jqpanese in the meeting room. If some of them need to go home, they can leave their seats and can have the japanese to consider the opposite opinion calmly. They think it as a matter of course that the issue cannot be treated and decided from the criterion of logical consistency. Not the discussion in search of the truth, but the conversation for mutual communication is the main concern.

Therefore the "chat" zatsudan itself is more important. Only after a long time for careful and deliberate communication could the chairman propose the final decision. I n this kind of zatsudanthe withs can talk about anything they want to with others. Various kinds of anecdotes must have played an essential role as the main method for communication.

In other words, when one talks in connection with what one has experienced, then the other members can understand him more clearly and it is easier for the speaker himself. Even during the conversation, it was necessary to put in time for with so that all the members can ponder calmly. Moreover in cases where opinions were left undecided, the time for careful consideration was regarded as a necessary chat to reach a consensus.

Then no one in the village would feel that his opinion was neglected. This made the chat within a small village very smooth. At the same time, this kind of process gave authority to the meeting. Beautiful seeking nsa Punta Gorda ccording to Miyamotothe topics are not restricted to what the chair proposed at the beginning.

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