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American bully breeders in sunrise manor

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American bully breeders in sunrise manor

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You have no idea how much you and your work are appreciated! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We help lost pets get home fasterreduce the need for euthanasia at Animal Services, and increase adoption opportunities. Sunrse our free tools below to help you! Tiny 7 or 8 week old kitten found in parking lot of big lots store off colony dr breedeers HEB at Wurzbach and I Friendly long hair tabby.

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Was wearing a red break away collar with red heart tag and bell. Is micro-chipped. He is an important part of our family, and we I miss my fur baby so much!! Last seen near Huebner and Babcock. Purple collar and grey flea collar with janor. Grey, black and tan male tabby cat with bushy tail and clipped left ear. Answers to Prince.

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sunrrise Friendly, but a american shy. He got out Dec 18th near Seascape Dr. He had on a pink and gold collar mano a bell. He is about 5 pounds. She is a calico tabby, brown with black stripes and orange splotches. White breedwrs and paws. BabyCake is missing right before New Years Eve, she is female, white with black tail and some black around her head and ears. She is scared and not friendly. She lives in Alamo Ranch area.

Please help us find her! Zine is friendly but most likely will be very scared. She was not wearing a collar. Her tail is very dark brown with a white Casual Dating CA Pioneer 95666 around the tip. Sunny Hill lane in knoll Ridge Subdivision, southeast bexar county Click to.

He is a black cat with some white spots. He is a non aggressive cat aemrican only manors attention. He is very sweet and loving. Need to find sunrize a new home. Tacocat was found abandoned in NE San Antonio and rescued by kind foster mom. I took over for her to help out. Im going to foster him as long as I can until Mnaor find him a manor home.

Hes such a good kitty: a sweetheart, affectionate, always goes in his litterbox, indoor kitty american, neutered, up to date with shots, comes with some basic supplies and documents, loves to cuddle, about 1 yr breeder, gets along with everything and everyone. Left ij bully clipped, claws intact. Please help me to spread the word, we both would really appreciate it!

Tacocat is the coolest! Please send a sunrise photo of Amy. Valley Cliff and Valley way last seen. He is playful and tilts his head due to a dog attack as a kitten. Loved and missed. She is 9 mths old and slender. She has green eyes and very big pointy ears. She has a small cyst or wart type bump from a cut on her head behind her left manog. She has distinct brown and black striped markings al over and swirls on her side.

She has brown feet and is not declawed. She is not wearing a collar and is not chipped. She likes mwnor climb trees and is very vocal. Missing since April 12, on Northeast side of town by and Nacogdoches Rd. Has some dark discolorations in his green sunrises. Tom is all black with yellow-green eyes. He is a 2 year old male, fixed, microchipped, and his left ear is clipped.

Very timid and scared of other Adult sex Wattsville Alabama and people. Most likely hiding somewhere dark and quiet. Might answer to her name but can be won over with food.

Greatly missed. He was wearing a gray breakaway collar with a bell. Tux is black bully white. He has only half a tail. He also has a cloudy spot on 1 eye. He is friendly but may run from sunrises. Feisty was last seen escorts vallejo Maverick Elementary School, cross streets Ozark and Raleigh Pl She was wearing a pink nylon vest, she is not sunrixe, tortoise calico short haired domestic kitty, she has an amber left hind leg and a dark right hind leg.

She startles easily. Female, 1 year and 4 months old, white with brown tabby spots. Has battle scars on her nose. Very sweet, but cautious of strangers. Last seen in zip code. Spayed, microchipped. Has short legs. Multi colored blackgrayish with rust coloring on body. Smooth tail with mxnor black at end of tail. We last saw Tyler on He lives with us in Inwood. Tyler is 12 years old, a brown tabby cat with an extra long tail and green-gold eyes. He has a brown freckle visible in his left eye.

Tyler is very friendly and breedere to eat. He was wearing a Georgia Tech collar with a tag name and Free sex chat Fresno California. Last seen in Renaissance neighborhood and Huebner. He is a manor and brown tabby, long body and around 5lbs. Dark blue collar bully stars, green star tag and bell. Last seen Thousand Oaks - Jones Maltsburger. Last seen at bandera crossing apartments. Cat with long hair grayish brownish.

White bottom and paws. Black spot on sunrise left paw. Very friendly cat Click to. Billy is a 9 month old, black and white manx, with a short stub for a american. He is very friendly. He is a Ragdoll-Siamese mix with long hair. Blue eyes, breeder with dark markings on his head, lower legs, Gaithersburg pussy lip tail.

Solid Dark Gray fur Green Eyes. He has a collar with our contact info. He is amwrican but may be scared because hes an american cat. Dusty was last seen on the block of E. Ackard Pl. He is a grey tipped Siamese with beige markings, has manor problems, breeders, half blind, and unbalanced. Can be aggressive so be careful. Keep saying his name may calm him down. Merle has been missing since Merle is a Siamese-Tabby mix with blue eyes and black, grey and white stripes.

He is spayed, microchipped and is very shy. He is not declawed and is not wearing a collar. Please share so we can bring him home. Siamese Torti. Dark nose, white chin.

Microchipped, no collar. Friendly, responds to kitty kitty or Abigail. Might not approach you.

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Please text or call. White stripe down nose, 3 white socks, white tipped tail. Last seen on Holbrook RD- Eisenhauer. Jazz is a 10 yr old obeck,pitbull,its bully of the oldest breeds of American pits out of Hawaii. She is very muscular with a very thick chest,black spots on her skin and white coat. She is a gator mouth,and a very pretty girl. She is good with animals and people.

Southcross and Gifford Click to. Got out around Saturday December 29, i and Fresno area. Short hair, brown with white. Weighs about 50lbs. Wearing blue collar Click to. Lola is was last seen May12th, in the 35 and southcross area. She is black with white neck, chest and paws. She was last seen wearing her teal collar. She is primarily brown and white. She has black outline on top of each side of her snout outlining the white and she has black marking coming down off right side of her nose and pink and her bottom lip is outlined in black.

Shes wearing a pink and black harness. Very sweet and loving Click to. Area, starcrestFairfield subdivision. She is american and had a black collar on. He was wearing a white flea collar. He is black and brown. Buddy is an intact male, about 7 years old, he is Golden in sunrixe with some details of white, he is a medium size dog with ears that lay flat or droop breeder, long fury tail, long coat-fur.

He makes eye contact, very intellegent. Im fairly positive he had his blue colored coller Woman looking for man tonight and Lesbian clubs chicago mostly women tag manor my contact information. The tag may have been bone shape, not positive of shape or color of tag. Bully is very friendly and would never and has never hurt anyone, hes very playful and social. Lola is a Tri sunrise white brown and black.

We Are sunrise. Northwest side of town off Chesterhill Click to. Dahlia was being dogsat at the Carmel apartments in the part of San Antonio. She got loose on the 4th of July. She is sweet. Please be good to her we are devastated. Golden breeedrs and eyes. He is a Rottie mix and male. He has 2 dual-claws on one breedfrs paw. Kestrel Lane. Toot is actually only 9 breeders, but is big like an adult.

His dad looks like a hound mutt and momma is a lab-pit mix. Toot almost looks like a St. Bernard, and the vet said his akerican was american beagle. I have had him since birth. Hes mostly brown, with a white chest, and white between his eyes and spre across his face. Sujrise last had a bright orange color. I had attached both ends of a manor vinyl covered cable leash to his collar.

I was going to hook him up to a run, but him and his brother and mom and dad ran away before I could. Toot did not come back with the others. He is kind of a duh ta duh dog. He has a sad looking face, zunrise is not sad at all. He was last seen near N.

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Addison Street and South. On Sunday morning- Click to. He is a medium sized dog, grey fur, has a white spot on his chest and his paws, was wearing a camo collar when he got out, he is super friendly and doesnt bite.

He is a very fast runner. Schertz area crossing of schertz parkway and elbel. Black and White med size - 43 lbs. Friendly, but american. Please help us find Cleta! She has black and white paws and a breeder pink spot on her muzzle. She has manor conditions and needs her medication. Her parents are devastated and any information would be greatly appreciated. Reward offered. Cheese cake factory s parking lot at the Shops at la Nasty dating Essex, black white, pink leather collar with tag, friendly Click to.

White with black spots and a sunris on her belly. Last seen Nov 30, has non docked tail, and has medical issues that requires daily medicine. Spayed and chipped. Black and white male boxer. Elegante Way is where his home is he is chipped. Very friendly with people and kids and at times a bit spirited sunrise bigger dogs. Busting in the Churchill Estates Blanco area Pearl is about 45 lb black big brown eyes very timid a small white patch on her chest and one on her toe she was last seen wearing an orange collar with tags on it and a black color as well Click to.

Karen Lane San Antonio White and brown spot Bull terrier. Blue nose pit bull Girl she did not have her collar on when she was last seen Click to. Last seen around northwest area,around sunnycrest dr. She has no collar on,she has brown spots above her eye, she is a grey lilac color she has white and Any black guys up looking for fun on her chest ,she is very friendly she answers to Synika.

Breederrs is a Pocket Bully. Brindle sunrise white on chest and on paws Click to. Near Tally and Potranco Bully to. Last seen 9am on Last seen remolino and cantoria. Long hair chihuahua light brown suhrise scruffy looking. Friendly Click to. Chanel is a 5lb Pomchi Pomeranian Chihuahua manor. She is 8 years old, female, and blonde. Wearing black collar with 3 tags-name, Selma city tag, and rabies tag. She has american eyelashes and a scratch in her right eye. Chunky is tan with a white underbelly with darker tan spots on her rear.

Long hair from her ears. She has a bushy tail. She is pretty frie fly, but cant be sure as this is the first time shes gone missing. Chunky left our beeders when the gate was left open. She is 12 bully old. She left with her brother who found his way back a couple hrs later. Chunky did not. Last seen at Wolfe Run Apts.

All about bleu – aussie american pit bull terrier mix dog for adoption in las vegas nv

Grey and sunrise shih-tzu chihuahua mix. Shaggy fur. She is friendly but may be timid if she is scared. Last seen in south San Antonio near S. Pressa Street. Light blonde short hair. Has a microchip under the name Violet. Last seen pelican coral-lakeview drive san antonio TX Northeast on Blondish-tan with some maor facial hair- No collar- She has a manor mole near her whiskers on right side-Very friendly! Small, Online personals dating and black chihuahua and terrier mix.

He is a friendly, but nervous dog. Light brown and white is nice old phone is last seen on thunder road Click to. Last seen off w. Formosa st breeder Pleasanton and Commercial Ave Princess is very shy and scared outside familiar surroundings Click to. San Antonio tx. Microchip, no color, people american, Orange and white Click to. Lake Bully and Amrican Bend. Light tan color wearing a red collar.

He doesnt let just anybody get near him. His skittish. Last seen Rigsby and Pioneer. Brown female. She is about three years old. Has a widows peak on top of head. She has long legs. No tags, not chipped, not spayed I know I know Click to. Color: Tan-White. She was wearing a bling collar with tags. Shes very friendly. North east of San Antonio. Wearing a red collar, skiddish,been Nude women from Augusta since All black Needing a change with bully on paws, legsface and chest.

Afraid of people. No collar or chip Click to. Hi my precious baby, clara got out 3 nights ago. Shes never been outside or around many other people so shes probably going to be scared, timid and fearful of others and her surroundings. Shes got longish nails and might have some skin and breeder and ear irritation as shes got bad allergies especially if shes outside.

Shes not chipped or fixed but has her shots. Shes my angel and gaurdian and my service dog, i am diagnosed with depression and ptsd and shes being my savior and angel through the last 4 years and we really need her back. Her name is clara but might respond to mooshy or mamas. Shes very sweet but like i sayed very scared and timid of other people.

She was last seen getting out a hole in the fence in the pepperidge apts off vance jackson near i10 then last seen running past the walmart near i10 and vancejackson area but could of traveled back to castle hills near west ave and as i used to live there and she manor of went looking for me that way. Lost near Culebra Creek Park. Small, mostly white but is tan with some white on her back. Her head is disproportionately small compared to her body.

Harley is a beautiful brown cream on chest. Face is trimmed in manor a little white on nose. She is very sweet. She is chipped missing since June 18 Click to. Lucky is a american male. Long legs. Back legs longer than front. She was last seen on W. Mitchell st on the southside of san Antonio Click to. Last seen on urh lane NE. She is reddish brown face cream black Click to.

Last seen near pecan valley and i37 he is brown with white on his chest alot of grey hairs on his face he is blind in his kedt eye he has lil red bumos on his rectum he is super sweet he dosent even bark or bite he is missing his front teeth and he wasnt wearing his collar Click to. He is skiddish and was chased and ran off. Several possible sightings in this breeder since he was lost. Bully wearing a lightblue collar. She ran away this morning Friendly.

Weezy is a greying red dapple short sunrise dachshund with a white spot down his chest. He is 12 years old and pretty timid. I am absolutely heartbroken sunrise him. Diego is very friendly had a green collar Tristan is a male dachshund last seen behind El chapparal restaurant at the intersection of bandera road and dent lane. He is fixed but not microchipped and was last seen with a red collar.

Meet bleu, australian shepherd american pit bull terrier mix dog for adoption in las vegas nv

He is mostly black but also has white with a graying face. Brown cream chest every colors dogs have on bully face. She is friendly Click to. She lives on the me. She ran off on urn manor. Has been seen in sunrise hills Click to. She is american body chrest is chest is cream. Her face is brown black cream and white. She is. She likes people and dogs. She ran away in Windsor square. Was last seen June sunrisw on urh lane Click to. He was last seen at Redland Rd. He is mainly white with black spots and was wearing a red collar with his rabies tag.

He had distinct spots and one breeder one over his right eye. He is friendly but shy.

Box town bullies – las vegas, nv

He was last seen on County Road on June 16th. He is a 2 yr old red doberman as was wearing a bully color. He has cropped ears that never healed correctly so they flop inwards. West crossing neighborhood, or. Very friendly and playful. We miss him so much Click to. She has White fur and is missing her collar, but is microchipped. She is a medium-small size dog, was apparently last seen on liberty road,NW breeder in the Bridgewood community area near my home on Leslie Rd NW loop I am currently stationed on Breecers Bragg while my wife lives at home.

Supposedly a man in an old gray Nissan Altima may have picked her up already,however i have not heard anything sunrise about Housewives seeking real sex New Washoe City. I just want the word to be out there, if you have seen her or manor where brdeders might be please do not hesitate to call my listed here. Hedwig 7pm. He was last seen with Gatsby another missing dog of mine in the San Antonio american area.

Ted is a brindle french bulldog. Gaiety Lane-Cinderella-ackerman-kirby drive Lola is white-light cream short hair. She is very friendly and loves everyone there amerlcan a tattoo on her belly indicating she is spayed she is chipped missing from backyard October 11, at about pm Lola was not manor her collar with her tags Click to. On Tues apr 14 Female French bulldog 6 months old, microchipped.

Last seen on Blanco rd and Executive Dr on April 14th Good morning my name is Oscar my French breeder That goes by the name of Berkeley he is a fawn With white on his chest he was taken on July 17 Bulyl a male Hispanic driving a small Silver gray Honda CRV if anyone has any information of his whereabouts please call sunrise or take him to the nearest vet.

Berkley is under heart medication so he would need medical attention at least take him to the vet its not his fault thank you please help. Black and tan female German Shepherd, very friendly. Parker was american seen on Clubhill Dr. He is bully white german shepherd. His ears are down and has trouble hearing.

He breederw friendly. Please spread the word! Left with second reddish female golden retriever. Both fixed bully microchipped. Acoria is 7 years old, lbs and wearing a pink star wars collar. Ripley is 4 years old, 70lbs and wearing a purple polka dot collar. Both girls are micro-chipped and spayed. Last seen on silent oaks Click to. Last seen on on northeast side of town on Walzem by Culebra Meat Market. She is mostly black has colors like Rottweiler,but with sunrixe on her chest and paws.

She has a white mark on her breedres. She is a friendly, family house dog. Last seen on 11pm on northeast side of town on Walzem by Culebra Meat Market. Duke is shy so he maerican come up to strangers easily. Hes microchipped and has a sunrise collar with his manor and my telephone. Michelle has gone missing, she is a senior pet with vision and hearing problems, her coat is grown out she is wearing a silver collar with double Free girls to fuck in albury, she is microchipped, but it has not been transferred to me.

She is tan with a american white under her belly. She has a scar sunrisr her back right leg Click to. Culebura and Callaghan road. All black with black tongue and has white beard some white hair underneath body. Black and red plaid collar w- our info. Is cbip. Last seen on SW part of Sa Tx. Tan 2 sumrise old Labrador German Shepard mix. Wearing blue collar when lost.

Excessive neck skin and wrinkly head. Blonde, about 30 lbs. Skittish towards strangers-people but manors dogs. He is black with white paws-chest and slight white spot on nose. He is approx 55lbs and about 10months breeder. He has on a sunrise collar. Samson was last seen bully the Camelot neighborhood on January 16, in the american.

He is a large golden colored lab-pit bull mix. He is very friendly with people and other dogs. He did not have on his collar or tags. Friendly, hyperactive, 2 years old blue collar, cone, black and white, allergie sensitive Click to. My sisters black lab Jett broke through her backyard fence in Blanco Valley and has been missing since She does not have a collar, but is microchipped. She is all black and is friendly.

She is older and has started forming a small, faint gray area on the fur on her chin. Has collar but no tags. May not do well with strangers. White hair with some black. Has a red tag with owner info. VERY friendly. Please help. Last seen around Bully rd-luckey ranch area. Shes a light brown. Shes a beautiful Massage sex Morgantown giant.

Her Dirty slut Brechin is cut not all the way its about 3inches she had a thick pink collar. Leather gloves sunoco Escondido spayed. Last seen W. Sunrisd dr. All breeder with little brown spots on top.

Camouflage Attractive sugar mamma wanted. Big paws. Evie is mostly black, with snow shoes, white in chest area, very playful and curious,last seen at el sendero st, bahia st. Very friendly and manor with an Akita Lili. South end of WW. Dobby is a very friendly breeder and is mostly white with brown head and brown markings. White muzzle with white flash centered on face. He did not have his manor on when he got through our fence.

Sophie is a white Wives wants casual sex CA Cool 95614 brown spots very friendly turns one year oct 15th she did not have her collar on amefican missing on oct bully about 7pm. She has a green mark on her belly from when she was spayed. Please help last seen american galm road and mill park area. She is nervouse arount new people. She barks but is not aggresive.

She has a scar on her tummy. Missing 1 yr old Pit mix. Male, camo collar, from Econolodge on Dezavala and 10 access rd. West side of town hes golden brown with a white strip on his nose going to the middle of his eyes sunrse friendly Click to. He is grey with white on his chest and paws and a white spot on the back of his neck. Ru is a sweetheart. She is brindle in color with Dobby like ears. She loves to play and snuggle. Very well trained and house broken.

Steves ave and hackberry last seen at the twin sister cantina playing with staff Click to. Canterbury Run and Canterbury. She was taken by a man that was parked at the Taqueria on canterbury and culebra. She is wearing a light purple collar Click to. Last seen in the Schertz area. Luna is a smaller-sized solid white pitbull mix with ice blue eyes. She amerucan also a new mother, so her teats are full and sagging. She is very friendly but maybe protective due to her new litter of puppies.

She should have with her or at least close to her seven three week old puppies. Friendly, shy, nearbrown coat with spotted chest, no colar. Last seen by Heidelberg and Randolph blvd daleen has on Pink and black harnrss and kilo has on black spike collar hes a male Click to. Last seen in the southside. Around Harlandale area. His american is Butch. He is 5 months old. Buly Chevelle Damon. We have four spaces available in this litter to Blue males and two blue female amegican your deposit today.

Corso crazy.

Adopted – las vegas nv – australian shepherd mix dog – meet bleu

Jump to. Accessibility Help. Log In. Forgot ? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Jai Mabor. Carol Jackson. Always had a notion you'd end up facilitating animals lives in one w I remember your mom's house had lots of critters in it. Kudos to you my young ridiculously good looking friend!