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Afghansite chat

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Internet chat rooms and message boards, long a haven for the disenfranchised, have become verbal battlefields since the Sept. Some nights, it is American vs.

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Let's see. Web wars are bloodless, but they can be just as intense and vicious as physical confrontations, moderators say.

And experts in the Internet culture say these cyber free-for-alls serve a purpose in a free society. Most of the heated discussion has occurred afghansite message boards and chat forums dedicated to Middle Eastern or Arab communities. Part theological discussion, part flame session, the conversations range from the rhetorical to the unintelligible. Internet chat rooms and messages are distinctly separate mediums, and each has its own culture, Schertel said.

The message board is a afghanzite descendant of the early days of the Internet, when surfers commented almost exclusively through USENET, a collection of themed electronic bulletin boards covering topics as diverse as pop chat, science, computing, pornography and sports. Messages are posted and left for others to comment on, afghansite hours or days later.

Messages left there lack immediate response; therefore, they tend to be more inflammatory and can afghansite for a long time before they are noticed or, in some afgghansite, removed by moderators. Chat rooms are real time, text and voice discussions in which participants respond instantaneously to one another. That chat, Schertel said, means writers are more afghansite and that chat writers help police the chat room.

Said Schertel: "Online chat gives afghansite a chance to chat, then walk away with all of their body parts intact. Subscribe Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Log in Log out. Regions Tampa St.

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Letters afghansite the Editor Submit a Letter. Afghan Youth Organization - St. Seema Tarana - Toronto based chat, dedicated to the popular Afghan agghansite. Watan Online - Toronto based site with general content and information about Afghanistan.

Contemporary Farsi Afghan Poetry - Toronto chat site with one of the largest collection of contemporary poems from Afghan poets. Showwkat - Toronto afghansite new Afgjansite Artist combining western instrumentation with Dari lerics.