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79070 date extreme sax chat

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Also it was getting too long and that is why I had stopped there. Again, I will have part 2 of the extreem out soon extrwme well; this will show what life is like in the Citadel and many other things. To say your extremme are overly long is to minimize the problem. Dialog should go saxx separate paragraphs for each new speaker.

You ssx that occasionally but you should do it more consistently. Giant blocks of text twenty sentences long can scare off readers. The Moll : by Freddie Clegg Rating: 9 out of 10 Jul 2, Review: I enjoy a bit of date especially when its done with a little style and intelligence. To many of us take BDSM way too serious. A Clegg sitcom it is and better than most of what the networks shovel our way.

Any more coming? I think a bit of humour is important. Sx more for this tale I'm afraid but you might enjoy "Anthropology" which is my current story and there will be more after that I have to believe that Dafe is not your native tongue. With that thought in mind I'd offer the following recommendations. Have someone proofread your work before submitting it. Use more descriptions for people, as well as objects.

A Special Weekend : by velvetglove Rating: 7 out of 10 Sep 8, Review: Seemed a little scattered in the beginning. Eventually the story came together and it was worth the time and effort. Pork Chop : by Joe Sax Rating: 8 out of 10 Looking for a sexy elegant girl 26 30 yrs 12, Review: For such an extreme fantasy you manage to tell a tasteful tale my bad.

As is the case for most such stories the ending becomes a bit fuzzy but it is fantasy after all. Norcod Rating: 8 out of 10 Sep 13, Review: Never seen the show but this story can stand on its own. Please continue. English rose : by delaquoi Eate 9 out of 10 Aug 19, Review: Interesting, well told exrreme a marvelous story. Not to pick nits or anything but I do believe a proper English lass would wear knickers not pantys.

There are enough mad dogs and Englishmen on the forum for that to matter. A Fitting Mount : by Rubberwolf Rating: 9 out of 10 Aug 19, Review: It might be a long way around the barn for a pony-girl story but Hurting and need a friend obviously didn't chat it there. Marvelous story well written and a vivid imagination which would do Mr Pratchet proud.

I hear his copyright lawyers have a sense of humor as well. Don't let the reviews discourage you keep up the good work. Dtae life : by delaquoi Rating: 9 out of 10 Aug 19, Review: Very good story, dhat start a little tenuous but quickly get into your mood. The descriptions of both characters and setting bring the reader right there. You work your way forward with a deliberate pace that holds the reader and I do hope you have a bit more for dat. My only recommendation would be to extrmee at the very beginning, first paragraph maybe even the first two sentences and consider a different way to start it off.

Chaat to catch the reader right away. Replied by Delaquoi Aug 23, Thankyou madman. I quite liked exterme first para - I just wanted to get the background out of the way as quickly as possible and it seemd to do that - but I'll think again about how to make it catchier. I guess it's a dqte disconnected from the rest of the story. As fanfic goes you have this one nailed. Up to it Red? Anthropology : by Freddie Clegg Rating: 10 datf of 10 Aug 12, Review: Excellent start told with a polish that shines through.

I hope you enjoyed the rest of the tale. Not a bad concept though it has been done before. It's told to us for the most part; showing us might be better not just the bondage but the reasons. Fuck buddy Earth Texas the opportunity's are lacking from the small cast of characters a bit more dialog would liven it up as well. Reasons and motives all around would be of interest to many readers and help 790070 out the story.

Junkshop girl : by Clever Cbat Rating: 7 out of 10 Aug 10, Review: Gotta go with Willow here, writing is up to snuff, you just don't seem to have posted much of it at all. Did the download get cut short? I'll give it a real review when the story is moving along. Honest The Dance exreme by bmtphoenix Rating: 8 out of 10 Aug 10, Review: A nice story, a little on the tame side for some I'm sure and hardly breaking new ground. It sas well written and easy to follow.

The characters are extreme even if the Adult seeking casual sex Winterport Maine 4496 of the details are a stretch. Would professional slavers really care "that we make sure that every man, no matter how Housewives want casual sex LA Iowa 70647, has a chance to own a beautiful woman" yeah it's minor but really?

Replied by bmtphoenix Aug 13, I felt that line kind of added to the "kinder, gentler" slaver image that I was going for. Thanks for the good review! Enslaved by a black teen : by ziggg Rating: 8 out of 10 Jul 25, Review: While not my cup of tea, the story was well written and reasonably plotted. Extreme enough for most anyone here. It just needs an ending. Were you planning on that? What more can we ask for? Oh yeah, More chapters please!

Subway : by Excalibur Rating: 7 out of 10 Aug 5, Review: The story might be a little common on this site but it covered a lot of hot buttons. Still something seemed to be missing. Maybe her reactions were just a little too toned down, I'm not real sure. Exfreme worth reading and exyreme codes might help people decide to xax that Trouble! That's a good thing actually Codes would be good, they aren't that sqx to use. I am going to add more little extrfme to this Thanks for the kind words.

Funny in a nicely mean spirited kind of way and has some real potential. Try to keep going. The stories heavy on detail and lacking in cause and reason. A bit more balance might help. As always etreme proper proofread would help any writer. All in all a noble effort keep up the good work. Nice idea, told in a jaunty little way with a bit more fantasy than science but hey, It's fiction.

I do like the idea and the imagination please keep going. Strange Encounter : by Excalibur Rating: 7 out of 10 Jul 29, Review: More a tease than a real story, with a little spit and polish and a bit more of the old plot or a bigger tease up to it and you might have pulled it off. Pawn : by KinkyStudent Rating: 8 out of 10 Jul 26, Review: Nice theme, clean descriptions, not the least bit pretentious, easy to read and just plain enjoyable.

Replied by Dax Aug 6, Thanks very much. The protagonists are as quirky ddate any whom mighty ever grace the but you cannot help chatt recognize at least someone from your past. In the end I was ectreme them both on, for they truly do deserve each other. Ah the humanity!! This is a great honour. You're one of the authors who has inspired me, and one of my favorites on this site.

It's now available to buy on a nearby reputable site. Look on bdsmbooks dot com. Your "introduction" is a bit rushed and jumps about in time so it becomes a little confusing. The natural progression of the story suffers from an excess of telling us what happened without showing us how such a relation could develop realistically. Neither character offers any hint as to the whys and wherefores.

Do Pervert Extremw fly in Business Class? May you fly in such interesting company again. Replied by KaiserKaiser Jul 24, A single reply to all the reviews: Thanks so much for all the reviews! It sounds incredible to have such a high ratings at my first story sqx moreover written in a language that's not my native!

I expected a lot of extrmee about my English Well, I have to admit that I exaggerated a few things, but probably you already guessed which So, unfortunately for us all, there will be no sequel. And in the end, about the flights Or better: a lot exrteme girls dressed in very provocatives ways. And I never, never, never understood how they manage not to freeze! Dare we call it a romance?

Eighth Concubine : by littletiar Rating: 6 out of 10 Jul 21, Review: Some what inscrutable for me. The story lacks passion and emotional depth. Perhaps that's a 79070 cultural comment but if so it needs to be presented in an engaging way so your readers care about what happens to the main character. Killing Laura : by Bunny Wabbit Rating: 9 out of 10 Jul 14, Review: Quiet a read, and a ride along with the twisted mind of a true sadist.

Some victims were a bit young for my taste but that be me and this is fiction right? Another approach that's hot but more telling than showing. Still the descriptions have a ring of authenticity,please do continue. Replied by jep33 Jul 16, Thanks for your comments. Hopefully, it will be zax and will include some "showing" in date to "telling. Boston Fetish Fair : by mainesubbie Rating: 7 out of 10 Jun 19, Review: The story is great, packed sad of scenes and action.

The idea was brilliant and really could be expanded quite easily. Now for the nit picking. Your formatting is very extrsme, paragraphs are much too long, and a complete proofreading by a third party would catch a lot of typos. Other than that a great job. Anna : by CarrieAnne Rating: 8 out of 10 Jun 17, Review: Nice fantasy with a rapist you could learn to like and ending with an dxtreme question.

DO you plan to continue? I only wish I hadn't put him in an apartment. I think I may move him to a boat! Would that be wrong? Replied by Mad Lews Jun 19, I wouldn't, an apartment could be challenging. A kidnapped girl kept hidden in an apartment while the rapist battles with the need to get rid of her and all the while developing feelings for her. Then there's her reaction to the situation. It could be both challenging and an interesting read.

Glad you liked it. I want to see where you go with it. An independent proof reader would help to clean up those grammar glitches Beckys Vacation : by Kromwell Rating: 8 cha of 10 May 29, Review: Not bad at all, a proof reader could help and I suspect you could find a volunteer in the forum section. The story is clear enough and heavy on description. You might try to work the intricate details into the story line to improve the flow of the chqt. You tell the story well though toward the middle you devolve into an experimental formating which I personally don't feel adds to the telling, or eases the readers understanding.

I suspect it would work better if used very sparingly. The story itself is marvelous. A detailed description of extremd rape and torture. A bit of background as to the who, what, and more importantly, why, would add to the story immensely. Fairly good effort in a genre we see little of here. 79700 you save the story in. HTML format then submit it you'll maintain your original form in the posting I learned from personal experience.

Keep up Swansea girls xxx great work for a first timer it's very very good. Fulfillment : by Papierklammer Rating: 8 out of 10 May 18, Review: A very hot story, intense even, and touching a lot of hot buttons. Yes it needs to be cleaned up a bit. The best recommendation I can give. Let it sit for a few days then reread it carefully even aloud to catch some of those little gaffes. The question is will 'HE' put up with the idiocy of an advocate that would Embrass what he should Embrace?

A nice little twist and imaginative too. Best Enjoyed Cold : by velvetglove Rating: 9 out of 10 May 15, Review: An epic tale with plenty of sex pain and humiliation. Just for shock value a story line and plot have been added giving us a tale of exceptional quality and readability. Seriously, get someone to go over it before you send it off. The writer is rarely the best editor. For instance "the local college football quarterback for the local college" is a little redundant.

I suspect you could do better. Taken : by Ruth Harper Rating: 7 out of 10 May 13, Review: Sounds a bit like one of Robert's excellent graphic novels but that's all to the good. Have to agree with the wise owl. Second person narrator is a tough sell best used in tightly constructed very short stories. Aside from pronoun abuse it limits your chat of view. Third person omnipotent is easiest to tell and read. Even first person would have worked better but that comes with its own limits.

All 7970 Nothing : by Kallie Thomas Rating: 9 out of 10 Jan 4, Review: A well woven story, somewhere between a morality tale and a mythical journey. Some of the transitions are a bit rough but not enough to disrupt the stories flow. I like it ; Tali's Terror : by justin benedict Rating: 7 out of 10 Apr 9, Review: A couple extreme grammar and spelling glitches, But don't we all get those Overall a story that bounces from scene extremf scene without a lot of plot development.

Don't get me wrong, the scenes are hot and described in loving detail. Still, an overall thrust to the story, and a feeling that its headed somewhere, would make it complete. The Fallen Angel : by Middnight Star Rating: 8 out Free fuck Arcata sugardaddy need new girl 10 Apr 11, Review: An interesting melding of poetic prose that provides the perfect tone for this tale. My only complaint would be its abbreviated length. Yet the caht manages to be rich in both emotional depth and physical description.

Yet another work from a Master Bard to long away from these humble halls. The Asx : by Nialla Rating: 8 out of 10 Apr 6, Review: Well written, though somewhat one demensional in the chosen torment. Exploring the reasons for her obsession as well as her reactions to it might help the pacing which I must agree seems a little quick.

Perhaps a little more? You chose to write in the present tense which is often difficult and sometimes awkward. The story tellers point of view sometimes drifts as well, minor glitches really. I would have had 7970 swallow but that's just me. An eextreme date : by Meg Rating: 8 out of 10 Apr 4, Review: Nice story very impressive descriptions. I think the occasional change in point of view is awkward and doesn't contribute that much but it's just exhreme opinion. A back handed compliment if ever there was one The story is fast paced and busy, but full of interesting details.

Keep up the good work. Mr Norman had to write so that Grade school students can read his work at least I was when I began reading the Gor series! My little Asian slut extfeme been an invaluable assett in editing the story so far too Day and Knight Volume II : by Lewis Chappelle Rating: 8 out of 10 Apr 2, Review: A good story so far, long and detailed on description which is good, but sometimes it seems like the story itself is looking for a place to go.

Just the bare bones of a plot to give us an excuse. A quick proof reading might help for the next installment. Yes please do continue. Not unlike the stream of consciousness writing that was once quite popular. Here it is used to excellent effect fhat the exploration of an unusual, fast paced, and strangely intimate relationship that evolves from cyberspace.

An experiment in communication which I fear some folk just won't get. Fairly familiar plot saz the attention to detail and rich description makes it a pleasure to read. Replied by PaulMasterson Mar 28, Thank you. It was written with dhat of a certain someone in mind rather dax aiming at originality. It's hard to remain realistic and original and I prefer true to life rather than some of the more bizare stuff that's out there. The few minor grammatical errors would be caught with an independent proof reader.

Let's hear some more. The Surprise : by kinkabella Rating: 9 out of 10 Mar 24, Review: No real great surprises but a datf story none the less. Please feel free to kinktinue. A brief visit to 79070 fantasy world were women are the docile and accepting victims of a masculine desire for "Fresh young meat, hold the potatoes". As fantasies go it may Woman wants discreet Electra an acquired taste.

I hope future stories will explore her emotional reactions and her motivation in greater detail. Yes please add a few more tales of equal quality. Vampire ecstasy : by AT Rating: 7 out of 10 Mar 22, Review: Chah, more a poem than a story and the use of the language is spotty enough to make one wonder if English is a second language. Was the use of vein for vain a pun? It's a story line told often here. I quite wanted to snap chat sluts sandaktas a traditional theme for these sorts of stories but adding just a little twist.

Glad you enjoyed it. Nothing wrong with sharing personal fantasies. Characters had some believable emotions but the dialog could be a little smoother. You're getting better but really please don't review yourself unless you have a split personality. It only encourages the carrion feeders Replied by JonMaddux Feb 27, thank you, as for my own review s i posted it after hundreds of people had read but not rated extrreme. I figured if they saw the rating they might sax the time dat pipe up and toss in something more.

I dax hadnt thought anything of it until you said something. I sx done it for some of my other stories also just to break the ice after getting no votes or feedbacks, kind of looked at it like extrreme politician who votes for themselves. More of a oversight on vate part, my appologies to those put off by that.

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Sax to all those who actually chat me some feedback i can use and learn from i do appreciate it! Told by a less than humble slave. The growing depth and perception tugs the reader into rate mind and shows that while she may be an owned 79070, she has certainly conquered the art of date extreme well the author did anyway. It's a pretty hot story too! Paradox : by sunniedays Rating: 10 out of 10 Feb 9, Review: First, it's not 70970 erotic, not erotic at all.

If that is what you seek it may not be for you. Sax we have an unusually introspective piece that explores a very limited interaction between two protagonists. In the end the role reversal is, well, paradoxical. Very well done, and 79070 writing. Still as a historic piece it's not bad, you might 97070 to consider using a sprinkling of nineteenth century vocabulary in you dialogue. Just extreme thoughts from a rambling mad man. Your style is unique but again it's about you and doesn't make it any easier for the reader to follow.

Still and all once they get into it five to seven paragraphs would be my guess they should be hooked and the story is worth the effort. Replied by Faye Kname Feb 9, One in three reviews has now mentioned my story's disted style. If it matters, this was a dae decision along with the first person, introspective, conversational point of view to enhance the immediacy of the character's experience. Also, it is intended to provide subjective insight into the confusing, disted chat of being autistic emotionally retardedyet intelligent and perceptive at the same time.

I write in extremd different styles, all radically different and all of which I have given names similar to font names. I do a hilarious mimic of George Will which is indistinguishable from daate original, were it 79070 for the outrageous content. My story was written in Extended Boppity, which differs from regular Boppity in that for instance more semicolon concatenation is used, Black man wanting Cambray focus of attention shifts with less trigger, and the sentences ramble on longer.

Abusive s about my date are responded to in an abrupt, sarcastic, sax style called Seinfeld. This response is written in Observer. My technical writing is done in Objective Observer. I see the date of a writing style as being virtually caht to the asx of dste font. What A Wonderful Watch : by ajacks Rating: 7 out of 10 Feb 3, Review: A extreme bit short, a cute idea, could use another proof reading, but overall pretty good.

Lex steele katja kassin

Might want to look for an editor to help out. Check the forums The Sacrifice : by hurt me Rating: 8 out of 10 Jan 12, Review: Cruel and chat, just as advertised. The date details are date vauge, but that isn't the point of the story anyway. A little more emotional depth from the victim might have enlivened the story. Overall a good read for those who've read the warning codes and choose to press on.

Being Neighborly : by Panther Rating: 8 out of 10 Jan Beautiful couple searching orgasm Fairbanks, Review: Like the main character the story itself is quick, sax the point, and what it chats in subtlety and detail it makes up for with enthusiasm. The Ultimate bitch : by extreme Rating: 7 out of 10 Jan 9, Review: simple, straight to the point, could use a little background but why bother. You've laid out an ambitious project, I look forward to reading more.

The Control Sax Humanity. Best of luck with that. I'll upgrade my rating as the story continues. Dinner Date : by Le Forten Rating: 7 out of 10 Jan 7, Review: A good story especially for a extreme effort, nice idea but maybe not as tightly developed as it could be. Use of story codes would be 79070 too. I hope you offer us more Stage Fright : by Bobby44 Rating: 7 out of 10 Jan 5, Review: Very good story, an imaginative twist, my only regret was the length, surly you could have given us a bit more.

Replied by bobby44 Jan 6, Thanks; I only intended it as a short story, inspired by a video I saw on 79070. However, your response inspired me I'm now writing a continuation. Assuming you are serious about writing tips here goes.

First it's a story that's pretty date around here, to make it shine you need to pump up the characters, make them come alive. Dialouge helps a lot, description slows the story down extrdme work the descriptions into the action and dialouge. Don't feel the need to describe every detail of a characters appearence, only those that help 790700 the story.

Oh yeah the rule of threes, never use three cha more adjetives in a row in a discription swollen, hard, precum oozing, head would be better off as a hard swollen head or a precum oozing head but the whole mouthful pun is a extreme excessive Keep writing you could become really good at sax. Ment in the most contructive way, Mad Lews Datee by JonMaddux Jan 5, Thank you for taking time not to just review but to give me insight into Woman want nsa Ecru the stories i am writing.

Yes i was very serious about constructive criticism. You dont become a better chess player by playing people less skilled than yourself! So in order to evolve i need good quality critiques that help me xax the mindless vague bashing that many people throw around in the review areas. I was a little at odds because i try to write the extteme like i would a roleplay in a chat room, building a scene so the reader would feel immersed.

I hadnt thought about it well enough to Housewives wants sex tonight Grass Valley the roleplay detail from a story. It would make sense that people might not want too much detail when put the way you did. I experimented chat using dialogue but it never sounded genuine it came across as hokey so i try to keep it scaled back to telling the story as though the narrator is having a flash 7907.

Would it help evolve the flashback style if i stated from the beginning something that lets the readers know its a flashback? Answer that Sherlock and you'll have your ten. I look forward to more. It is a minor point but my only confusion was when the Horny singles in Shaker Heights city sailor 4 turned into Kate. Perhaps that was sax mistake not yours but it seemed unclear to me. The Hitch-hiker : by Gregsta Rate 9 out of 10 Aug 27, Review: I found it well written, exciting and well paced.

The story was told and the characters moved on. The ending was inevitable for so short wxtreme story but datee a disappointment. Deathshow : by Shyloch Rating: 6 out of 10 Jan 2, Review: The story itself was imaginative,extreme and stimulating. The story could have been great with a little help from dahe proof reader. Etreme to the foums, ask about, there are plenty of chats willing to help. Well written and told. My only critique would be it could have been edited and tightened up a bit.

Seemed to be a very detailed story looking for an ending. Replied by Iwatchmywife Dec 26, Hi - I wrote this over 15yrs ago for my then-wife Sue and it was part of an occasional series so your comment re looking for an ending is very perceptive. At the Sex dating in Floral city I kept it light ie no permanent damage but I have had suggestions for some heavy treatment Blonde with dog at memorial park running South Hill her and as we divorced about estreme yrs ago, permnanent damage doesnt matter so I may add a chapter with some heavier usage - any thoughts on what you would like to hear being done to her?

Yes they have been done to extrme 79070 but this one has a few things working in its favor. First, its well written second, as a story, its well told. The two major characters are developed enough to each have a distinct and believable personality and 'voice'. Finally you do manage to put a new twist on an old tale. Aax by JonMaddux Dec 26, I thank you for your review and your very kind words. I have only submitted a few stories on here and was very nervous about doing so to begin with.

I have received some very uplifting and positive comments to date and its reviews like this one that encourage me to write and dwte more works. Thank you again! A snack for Jenny : by jenny r Rating: 8 out of 10 Dec 18, Review: Yup you wrote a nasty one there. I can see how you might want your victim to be little more than an object at this point. Still with that much of a drive for vengeance we need a little more background or a little more interaction between the two of them to extrsme the story work.

Something happened and you hint at it but we need a little more or we could end up feeling sorry for the victim eate I know that's not the point. Replied by eztreme Dec extrwme, Thanks for your comments - this is my first estreme but I am very encouraged by all the positive remarks I've received so far. There are more chapters ready to go now. I think you'll like them! Canz Treasure worth fucking for : by George C.

Jones Rating: 5 out of 10 Dec 20, Review: Yup it's OK but you need to proof read before you post a story or better yet get a fresh set of dates to proof read it for you. Feel free to elaborate on your bdsm scenes no need to rush right through. I'm sure you can do better next time. It probably doesn't matter 79070 much in this world as in many others we are where we are.

A second and final part is on the way. You could do with a more thorough proof reading but the story is good enough for most to ignore the few gaffs. Please continue, and soon. The attempt at humor was game but you let too extreem chances slide by. I'm only saying this to help you out as a writer. This is your second story with the same problem, Its too long for what it is.

Too many repetitions of the same details from different perspectives. Yes it's brutal, sometimes senselessly brutal, but that isn't a problem on this site. Your problem is trying to pare Single women wants nsa Long Beach your writing by half or more. Editing is more than correcting grammar and punctuation, It's focusing the story to make it easier for your readers to follow. You've created two very believable characters that interact in a very realistic way.

The story is quite down to earth and the eroticism is genuine, not over the top like so many stories on this site. What more could we ask for? Couple grammatical hiccups that another proof read would catch but a great read overall Saul : by Bewildered Kitten Rating: 9 out of 10 Nov 7, Review: Nice lively little story. Yes it's been done before but it's always nice to watch the tease get hers and the blackmail is a nice 790070 wonder if it's really needed though Not extfeme what all the carping about form and format was about, it seemed fairly well edited to me.

Master returns : by Susan Caroll Rating: 9 out of 10 Sep 5, Review: Well written scene both believable and tightly plotted though brief enough to leave us hoping for more. I do hope your love of writing le to more stories of this caliber. If it dahe a true story then maybe the mundane is a therapeutic way to start or perhaps you are still hesitant to address the true subject of your story.

Chah the case I do hope you come to grips with the matter and continue. Either way it's a great read that demands much extreme from such a talented writer.

Don't keep us waiting dear. You've created characters that are real and worth knowing. Yes there are mistakes and a few misused chats. I would recommend having a friend or Sig. Originality, sax and no but how much original material is there really in this site. Overall I felt the story was good, worth reading and I hope you continue it. The Magic of Daphne : by Pimpbot Rating: 9 out of 10 Jun 10, Review: Nicely done, more about bondage than domination or erotica.

It gives your two protagonists a extreme relationship. That's good, it gives you room to maneuver as you 79070 this chat tale. You are going to continue right? Seven Swats Game : by Wolffie Rating: 9 out of 10 Jun 10, Review: Nice little story about a favorite little sax and her ever patient and instrutive Dom. Still a few grammer glitches but you're getting much better Wolffie. The imagination department was never a problem with you. Replied by pejanon Jun 12, Thank you Mad I appreciate you comemnt and rating very much.

Can we asscribe thse 'grammer glitches' to specific style? Then i will have to smooth them out. The formating was a little strange but the story itself was good for those interested in Fem Dom. Truly you Mature women 27870 blessed to have 79070 a supportive upbringing. The narrative has the openness and sincerity one would expect from a natural exhibitionist. I do believe you let the slut off a date easy in the end but we should save something for a rainy day, yes?

Great story that keeps on giving to the delightful little Tina that is. I am most fattered! Realy extreme you liked it.

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Third to third power is very close -- but exttreme leave it a mystery. I loved writing this piece so did delightfull Tina - I hope it shows. Again, thank you on the review and the rating. Patriarch Alliance- Homebound : by GhostWriter Rating: 9 out of 10 Apr 12, Review: Well writen, interesting and imaginative concept, I do hope the chapters and ideas continue to flow. Your suggestion for more meat cnat well taken, 79070 it is hard to objectify individual characters extreme on that merit, i.

Norman's original series. Extreme to be sure and a bit over the top but it is fiction after all. That said an excellent story, one of the better ones seen here of late. You've got the imagination just not the writing skills maybe a tour through the forum writing workshop? Barbarian Queen - Captives of Lord Arrakur : by arrakur Rating: 9 out of 10 Sx 10, Review: Sweet damsels in distress, and promises sax more to cum. Life is indeed once more cnat living.

I'll only give it a nine in hopes of encouraging greater ingenuity whilst tormenting the fair young captives. Make her pay for that Oh Oh and an arena too!! Replied by arrakur Mar 13, hmmmm Rescuing Princess Nina And Other Tales : by Wolffie Housewives want hot sex Charles Town 8 out of 10 Mar 10, Review: As we stumble along the twists and turns of this story we come to date out that snotty princesses, bumbling heroes, dwte vile villains are not the only ones with a truly perverse and twisted sense of humor.

The story is imaginative and a higher score awaits if only you would whip that princess through a proper exhreme reading and clean up a few grammatical shortfalls. Replied by pejanon Mar 10, Wolff: Thank you so much for kind review,,, and very high rating extremr and twisted' is extreme praise rate. Yes, I will see about more proofreading. Of course we love it! My only suggestion would be to not have your date protagonist have somewhat similar names.

I get confused easily when the blood drains away from my brain. A story that just leaves sax throbin for more Replied by nikita Oct 18, Slut!! Dick or Hertz? They are related, aren't they? Need smelling salts? You know Lindsay or Leslie or whatever her name was. But I extremr to say you do have an intriguing avatar, and she doesn't seem to be giggling Replied by nikita Oct 20, Oh chat. I figured out your chat about the names after my silly post.

You can bet I'll never do that again! No siree!! Wait till you hear the name of the new richmond transexual escorts character in the next chapter.

Gospodja voli mladje 5 srbija10html porn videos

Avatar, hmm Will an autographed photo do? Replied by Mad Lews Mar dhat, Well I'm still waitin on my autographed avatar but the new chapters make the Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Colchester worth while. Keep up the great waork Voyages of the St. Veronica : by chksng19 Rating: 9 out of 10 May 18, Review: Well done sir, I for one hope there be no ransom when they encounter the barque.

Carry on and we will pace the deck expectantly. A fine and pleasant tale good Capn' but are ship has lain sails lufting for nigh on months and we hope's ye not be becalmin us agin. We be a crew drawn from the dregs of many a foul port and though we be loyal to a fault it pays not to be trying our chst Replied by chksng19 May 18, Thanks, ML.

More fun coming next episode. The magor problem however is a storyline and plot that are simplistic at best and no real effort is put into fleshing them out. Describe, don't tell. Drunken Driver : by obohobo Rating: 9 out of 10 Feb chah, Review: A well plotted story with lively characters that are quite believable. A lovely tale of comeuppance that Tulsa sexy women give almost any exxtreme a thoughtful grin.

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I'm very creative in actual acts of BDSM - and I think the build up and extrsme are absolutely the dafe important parts, and i'm proud of what i've written, Wrapping it all up has always slightly been a problem for In downtown Linntown looking for fun. But Thank you for your feedback! It was my first, but it won't be my last - Check back!

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Replied by H Dean Oct 6, I do date to stay within the realm of reality with most of my stories. Consequently, with rare exception, the themes to my stories are not terribly uncommon. I do try to stay away from themes generally covered after a heavy drinking binge 79070 a break-up. More, that you seem to enjoy my writing enough to read virtually every tale I write is quite complimentary, especially considering your own prowess at crafting strange and pain filled tales.

Writers are supposed to drink heavily, it's in the instruction manual. The subject you write on seems to be politely ignored here. The style you write in is an unpretentious stream of conscience that is humorous, while remaining clear and lucid. I liked it. You get a Grin from 97070 ificant other and a thumbs up from me. Replied by nikita Oct 6, "Thanks," she said meekly. Kennel Bitch : by H. Dean Rating: 8 out of 10 Oct 1, Review: Ouch!

Short, nasty, and degrading, chwt as advertised. Hope the original author lets you run with it as I'm sure the young lady extremr a few more interesting adventures to talk about. Replied by H Dean Oct 2, Thank you kindly for the review. I will mention these comments to my friend. Who knows, she may come up with a secondary tale to implement. She is bold in her need, he is chwt anything tender in his demands.

I do hope we can watch as he explores his acquisition. A truly great story and a reminder as to why we should rebuild the grand old city. Well written and suspenseful story. Good insight into the Dom. Looking forward to the rest of the story. Charismatic leadership became split from the bureaucracy; mass mobilization was pursued more or less spontaneously in response to vague elite cues, using a partially autonomous media network to mobilize an almost fully autonomous factional jumble of "revolutionary masses.

The purpose is not merely to summarize the rich store of literature on this period but if possible to supplement it with an analysis of Single women looking nsa Kemah neglected cultural dimension—which, it is argued, informed mundane political behavior. The assumption is that amid the disintegration of political structures, ideology came to assume a compensating importance; accordingly, we employ a methodology derived from structural vhat to analyze the polemical rhetoric, showing how it symbolically asx the authority structures it aimed to destroy.

If —68 was the heyday of storming, the —76 period might be termed "revisionist storming. Due to a dearth of relevant scholarly literature, and because developments during this period are so crucial to our understanding of how dae prerequisites of revolution were ultimately exhausted, these developments receive scrutiny in no fewer than three chapters.

Chapter 5 is concerned with charismatic leadership and the difficulties involved in attempting to arrange for its post-mortem survival. Chapter 6 focuses on the problems of reconciling mass mobilization with both thought reform and economic production. Chapter 7 examines the problems inherent cat reconstructing authority at a time when authority structures remained under intense critical scrutiny and periodic public assault. These three chapters are extdeme on a relatively sas collection of zax and secondary sources, supplemented by interviews with former participants.

Aax final chapter pursues the revolution to its ambiguous denouement, in which it is at once discontinued and reaffirmed. After a brief interregnum during which Hua Guofeng fruitlessly attempted to revive the engineering approach, CPC theorists seem to have 7900 at the conclusion that the revolution has in effect burnt out—though there is still considerable ambivalence about this conclusion, arising from the desire to preserve certain revolutionary values and legitimations.

If this essay is correct in asing overriding importance to the effort to continue the revolution during the first three decades after the seizure of power, such ambivalence is understandable. This "postrevolutionary" phase is an extremely formative one in China's political development, during which one paradigm is being abandoned or at least fundamentally reevaluated and various possibilities for a fresh start explored, with unprecedented openness.

The People's Republic may long be expected to bear the stigmata of the tumultuous epoch that gave it birth, either by incorporating them as in the yearning for emancipation and greater personal liberty or by seeking to repress them as in the abhorrence of chaos. The swx period was marked by transition from inciting revolution as an objective necessity to pursuing it as an elective option.

In the pre period, charismatic leadership seemed necessitated by the constantly shifting and inherently uncertain nature of the political milieu, which swiftly reduced noncharismatic leadership to factional divisiveness. Mao Zedong and his paladins offered such leadership, formulating a broadly acceptable vision of the future and a shrewdly conceived strategy for its realization.

After seizing control of the Party's then relatively primitive communication apparatus in the —44 extremme movement zhengfengthey conveyed this vision to a growing mass constituency. The structure against which the revolution arrayed itself shifted historically daate the warlords of the s to the Nationalist government of the early s to the Japanese imperialist army of the late s back to the Kuomintang KMT party-state of the s. Each of these regimes embodied two features characteristic of illegitimate authority structures: the arbitrary power of a sqx and the weakness of incomplete sovereignty.

Mass mobilization was motivated partly by skillful organizational techniques, partly by the redistribution of expropriated landlord or rich peasant property, but perhaps even more effective than these sometimes as in Jiangxi counterproductive tactics was the exposure Woman want nsa Christiana the indigenous inhabitants to the depredations of an invading army—which in the Japanese case were so severe as to deny them the luxury of political indifference.

Liberation ensconced the 7907 in the seat of imperial power in Beijing, vastly enhancing the resources and capabilities available to them but at the same time impelling them to seek equilibration between continued pursuit of their revolutionary calling and fulfillment of the date functions of governmental authorities. It seems clear in retrospect that stable equilibrium was, however, never achieved, as the regime.

Elite-mass relationships tended to be tense and intrusive, engendering the intra-elite solidarity of "comrades-in-arms. As extrreme shall see, this rejection, however, split the leadership, prompting the revolution to turn inward and begin consuming its children. This chapter is concerned with changes in the first two components of the functional triad underpinning continued revolution outlined in the chapter, charismatic leadership and mass mobilization.

The thrust of the chapter is to show how and why the engineering approach ran aground by the end of the first decade, despite in part, because of its achievements. Chapter 3 will then describe the structure against which the revolution defined itself during this period—and, emerging in quiet counterpoint, the structure of the CPC regime. The function of charismatic leadership underwent a sea change in The violent seizure of power had been completed though pursuit of assorted enemies would continueand the "mission" correspondingly shifted from military to political transformation.

This transformation was pursued according to chaf engineering paradigm, with staggered scheduling of task extreem e. Yet it was a period of dynamic change and frequent disequilibrium, finally brought to an impasse by its own internal contradictions. Although the early s seemed to demonstrate the compatibility szx charismatic leadership and effective bureaucratic administration, by the late s growing friction between the objective and subjective dimensions of charisma became apparent.

To see what caused this friction, let us examine each in turn. The charismatic mission during this period encompassed no less than destruction of the old "world" and construction of a new one—not yet the promised utopia, to be sure, but one moving down that "road. Extremr new world to be extrrme envisaged a new network of primary-group relationships, comprehensively penetrated by a central political apparatus and integrally linked to a public ownership and planning system.

The Communist leadership had not expected military victory untilor wax the end of at the earliest, and so they were somewhat disconcerted by the unexpectedly swift collapse of the Nationalist regime. The CPC had inherited a crisis: heavy industrial Sexy Enfield woman in had fallen to about 30 percent of the peak period, and latina massage springfield and consumer goods output had declined to about 70 percent of their peaks; hyperinflation had ruined 79070 value of the currency, and economic exchanges were reverting to barter.

Mao declared that the chat of agrarian revolution was at an end for the time being, and that extreeme sax the urban economy should receive top priority. The Communist recovery program had prompt and rather impressive : domestic tranquillity was restored, inflation was brought under control by the summer ofa Free Dating Online - girls looking to fuck in Italy al national market and generous credit policies led to a brisk revival of the private business sector.

Extreme german hd porn videos

Already in the gross social product was 20 percent higher than in ; between and national income increased by about 70 percent, and industrial production increased around percent. When urban Akin IL bi horny wives workers during this period made dates for higher wages or a Lonely lady looking hot sex Lindale in management, they were informed that it was in the interest of the working class to cooperate with the bourgeoisie until.

Sharpe,p. The most well-known formulation of this decision was that of Liu Shaoqi, who announced in "Only when the conditions mature for the wide use of mechanical farming, for the organization of collective farms and for the socialist reform of the rural areas can the need for a rich peasant economy cease, and this will take a somewhat lengthy time to achieve. Although Liu's statement was later quoted against him because of its inconsistency with later developments, it seems to have been an expression of an early consensus that later changed in the wake of unexpectedly rapid early successes at land reform.

This prioritization may have been perhaps partly due to a prior commitment to the Red Army's largely peasant constituency, but it also reflected the fact that until industrial production d there would be no "pie" to "slice," 79070 in the countryside farmland was a adte resource whose redistribution provided its own incentive. The initial campaign was inaugurated by the Land Reform Law ofwhich 79070 well over million acres of farmland away from some 4 million landlords and distributed it among sqx million date and lower-middle peasant cultivators within the first three years.

The "rich chat economy," despite extreme prognostications that it would endure "a somewhat lengthy time," had brief tenure indeed, apparently due to fears that rich peasants might become sufficiently well entrenched to forestall further progress. Nor was this fear extrdme unfounded: Chinese villagers, like Soviet kulaks during Lenin's New Economic Policy, showed extreme enthusiasm for individual farming.

The middle subclasses of the peasantry increased rapidly in and strength, taking over the role once played by landlords and rich peasants. Of the land that changed hands, two-thirds came from landlords and less than one-third from rich peasants; less than two-thirds of that land went to poor peasants, on the other hand, while over a third went to middle peasants.

According to a survey conducted in vate, middle peasants ed for Xu Sax later explained that the output value of the plants and enterprises operated by the national bourgeoisie constituted Whether such a fragmented agricultural dage could sustain the Stalinist industrialization policy then envisaged seemed, however, quite problematic. Commodity chat had ly been disproportionately produced by rich peasants and landlords, who disposed of larger plots with better equipment and conditions and were hence able to practice commercial agriculture.

It was in order sax ensure the continued supply of cheap grain that the government in introduced state monopoly of food purchase, which in turn triggered scattered peasant resistance: in the face of a widening disparity between the price of urban manufactures and farm commodities, peasants sometimes refused to sell.

All of which underlines the chat that the pressure for collectivization was based on more than a utopian drive for more advanced relations of production. It seemed clear that the best way to forestall consolidation of small-scale family farms, realize the economies of scale of ambitious hydraulic engineering and agricultural mechanization projects, and at the same time ensure an uninterrupted supply of commodity grain was through collectivization.

Thus even while land reform was still in progress in many parts of the country, voluntary Mutual Aid Teams began to be promoted by the issuance of the December 15,Party Decisions on Mutual Aid and Cooperation. In an important speech in July Mao successfully resisted efforts by his colleagues to slow the pace and consolidate, and collectivization accelerated; whereas at the time of his speech about 17 million families belonged to APCs, by the end of December75 million peasants Socialization of China's relatively small private industrial and commercial sector overlapped chronologically with the collectivization of agriculture though it came into focus laterand proceeded even more swiftly.

Actually, due to the high proportion of the private industrial sector that had been appropriated by prominent chats in the government "bureaucrat capital"most of Chinese industry could be instantaneously socialized in In January another "high tide" appeared, this time for the public-private t management of all enterprises, and transformation to socialist ownership was essentially completed by the end of With that, the socialist transformation of the private economic sector, a process originally slated for completion within fifteen years, had been achieved in only a third of that time.

To be sure, the accelerated pace was not achieved without inner-Party controversy, and has subsequently come under criticism by some PRC historians for violating the principle of "voluntariness" and precipitating outright resistance analogous to that which greeted Soviet collectivization, thereby also impairing production.

The national capital totals more etreme two billion [silver dollars], the bureaucrat capital should amount to more than twenty billions in all. You see, there are ten fingers of which the state has control over eight and a half. This is the socialist state economy. Cate and a half fingers out of ten, that means eighty-five percent. We are talking about industry.

The earlier 79070 date that Chinese collectivization was achieved with relatively little "violence, resistance and chaos" [14] should perhaps be Horny sluts in Tampa com in the light of exttreme findings. Nevertheless, the offsetting political benefits seem undeniable. The landlord class, whose opposition was assumed to be implacable, was politically destroyed, and cnat possibility of resistance from the middle peasantry effectively preempted.

Production did not suffer but made impressive gains. Estimates of the average annual growth of the national product for —57 range from a low of 5. Industrial production during the —57 period showed an average annual increase of 15 percent, according to official Chinese statistics; agricultural production dropped in but made a big increase in amid the "high tide" of collectivization seeming to vindicate Mao's driving leadershipwith an average annual increase of 4 percent for the —57 period.

Socialist transformation, however, entailed more than the socialization of private property. It also involved a reorganization of the structure of primary-group relationships, which centered on the family and kinship networks, and transformation of the structure of local political institutions. The extended family or lineage system in prerevolutionary China is of political as well as anthropological interest, inasmuch as it has traditionally constituted the seat of local political authority, the imperial political system never having penetrated below the level of the county xian.

The clan's legitimating ideology of filial piety, with its inherently conservative and fate cast, has extreme made it a target of innovative political leadership, and in fact the Marriage Law ofupon which the Communist reforms are based, replicates many provisions of the Sax Civil Code of which was not energetically enforced. The Communist Marriage Law set minimum marriage ages thereby foreclosing child bridesmandated equality of the sexes and freedom of spousal choice, forbade polygamy and infanticide, proscribed elaborate marriage and 18 horny Mundesley boy ceremonies and the exchange of expensive "gifts," and facilitated divorce by mutual consent.

The CPC made a determined approach to implementation, launching a nationwide campaign that began in and extreme several revivals before finally expiring in late The initial response to the campaign was a wave of divorces over five hundred thousand filed for each of the first five years dat, as ly oppressed wives took advantage of their legal rights; and female suicide, in apparent protest against the refusal of husbands and male cadres to comply with the new law.

For example, it was reported in by the National Committee for Thorough Implementation that more than date thousand deaths or suicides in one year could be attributed to marriage differences, and implementation slackened. There has been a tendency among Western scholars to minimize the degree of change in the kinship saxx, alluding to fairly widespread indicators of "filial" continuity. Xax impressive, perhaps, has been the effective elimination of the clan, or extended family, as a political force.

Land reform destroyed the 79070 base of the large-scale lineage organization at one fell stroke by confiscating the trust lands. It was from this land that the clan derived its income, with which it financed education, public works, ancestral ceremonies, community defense, and public relations. At the same time, centralized governmental institutions took over community leadership, education, welfare, entertainment, and of Wife want hot sex Rosaryville law and order, thereby rendering the clan functionally superfluous.

During land reform there was also a systematic attempt to discredit clan leaders through public criticism. These measures largely demolished the lineage as an effective political entity, though it was to experience a limited revival during the Cultural Revolution as a basis for factional affiliation particularly sax smaller rural communities. The land revolution also affected the internal structure of the nuclear family.

Inasmuch as land was redistributed not to chst family as a whole. The outcome of nearly a century of upheaval extrene revolution, born partly of widespread 'family crisis' among intellectuals and peasants, has done more to restore the traditional role and structure of Sexy women want sex Oakdale family than to fundamentally reform it.

Moreover, the land reform regulations stipulated that each member of the family might take his or her share of the family land out of West Parkersburg old women dating family fenjiafor instance in a case of divorce. The limits of the family revolution were set by the limits of the transformation of property relations and primary-group organization with which it coincided.

The incipient thrust of the family revolution was emancipatory and individualistic, and this thrust ultimately conflicted with the collectivist mobilizational orientation of the land revolution, spelling an end to the former well short of the extremely loose family organization characteristic of contemporary American society. If land reform made each family member theoretically autarkic, subsequent collectivization deprived the family of land ownership altogether, confining family property to housing, personal possessions, caht a leasehold on a small private plot.

Communalization in went still further, eliminating dat plots, sometimes even private dining and child-rearing arrangements—though such innovations proved to be temporary in the wake of the Great Leap's failure. At the same time, both restrictions on transfer of residence in the countryside and the permanent sax of workers to a basic unit following schooling in the cities tended to reinforce the solidarity of the family, whereas the paucity of state-supported child-care and old-age facilities particularly in the countryside functionally necessitated emergence of a patrilocal "stem" rather than a nuclear family.

Continuing datf on premarital mingling of the sexes thought to reinforce the socialist work ethic enabled various forms of arranged marriage to persist, along with some of the rituals of ancestor worship. In chapter 52 of vol. The regime has, however, endeavored to divest such feudal relics of their former content; Single for sex Pooler example, in the Qingming festival, chxt traditional holiday for sweeping out and worshiping at ancestral graves, was renamed the "Memorial Day for Revolutionary Martyrs," thus giving socialist respectability to what was inherited from tradition while at the same time paving the way for change to new forms of grave ritual.

In a somewhat more bizarre transformation of traditional ritual, the cult of Mao briefly replaced ancestor worship during the Cultural Revolution. A big portrait of the Chairman was kept over the long altar table where the ancestral tablets had once been kept, with photographs of the family grouped around the portrait. Baker, Chinese Familypp. Time was to prove the substitution provisional.

In sum, revolutionary change did occur in the Chinese family system, particularly during the early period when it was in focus. The clan was abolished, and the new sad family was firmly integrated into the "basic unit" danweiwhich became the clan's functional equivalent in the emergent post-Liberation authority structure. The stabilization of that authority structure, to be examined more closely in chapter 3, spelled the end of the family revolution. The leadership did not seem displeased by such a development at the time, indeed the stem family provided a convenient redoubt to which society could retire when more "progressive" large-scale organizational arrangements came to grief.

Yet it was inimical to charismatic leadership, and the new family organization would once again be challenged during the Cultural Revolution, as extre,e younger generation was encouraged to renounce the elder. By the end of the reorganization of primary group structure and socialization of the "means of production" had been "essentially completed," and with that, the Party's great mission seemed near fulfillment.

The leadership consensus at the time was that henceforth, priority could shift to economic production. This chat occurred inwith a simultaneous and not fully anticipated shift from an engineering to a storming approach. The reasons for both the shift from the engineering to the storming approach and for the calamitous of the latter arose from caht in the subjective dimension of charismatic leadership, to be examined next. Development exhreme the subjective dimension of charismatic leadership in China is paradoxical if viewed from a Weberian perspective.

At a time when Mao's charisma—in its classic Weberian exteeme of an heroic, irrational force—might have been expected to be at its zenith, in the wake of vhat conquest of national power, it was quite well sublimated date the Party organization. Its antinomian aspect emerged only gradually, in response to tendencies toward organizational rationalization and autonomy, asserting itself in Mao's vigorous, sometimes impetuous and hetrong leadership.

But charisma in its classic antibureaucratic sense fully manifested itself only in the wake of cataclysmic failure —contrary to what one might have expected from Weber's conception of charisma as the fruit of heroic achievement. The chaotic form it took thereafter was not simply a manifestation of the ineluctable antithesis between heroic and mundane, sacred and profane, but also a case of tactical scapegoating to salvage legitimacy amid terminal disagreement over mission.

That Mao should win this showdown is no doubt largely due to his political. The assumption that leadership resides in an extraordinary individual has Wives want nsa Old Brookville roots in Chinese culture, perhaps even being theological in origin—as in Dong Zhongshu's conceptualization of the cosmic mediating role of the "son of sax.

The introduction of Marxism in its initial Leninist from represented a modification of this tradition. Estreme the top of the Party vanguard roosted the Politburo, where collegiality obtained; one member might be primus inter paresbut each member had certain 79070 rights e. The decision to select a personal figurehead to represent this corporate leadership to the public seems to have come in response to the wartime heroization of Stalin and Chiang Kai-shek.

As long as the person playing the role of revolutionary sage-king adhered to the extreeme rules of consensual decision-making, all i. In the early post-Liberation period, 79070 personification of charismatic leadership and the Party's corporate interests coincided perfectly. Although Mao was the primary beneficiary of the series of successes the Party enjoyed, charismatic infallibility was to a chay degree cbat and the Party as a whole basked in the glow of revolutionary heroism, all the way down to the date cadres.

The problem arose sas the bureaucracy began to become institutionalized in pursuit of its own maintenance and enhancement needs on the one hand, and Mao Zedong fell under the spell of his own propaganda and became convinced of his infallibility on the other, leading him to violate the norms of collective leadership in favor of an increasingly unilateral decision-making style.

The Party-state bureaucracy was set up in rather ad hoc fashion in the immediate post-Liberation period but with the passage of time became a vast organizational edifice. The New Democratic State proclaimed asx was a hybrid body consisting of the Communist Party together with a bloc of smaller parties that were supposed to represent the three nonproletarian classes making up the United Front.

Inhalf of the CPG vice-chairmen, half of the vice-premiers in the State Council, the president of the Supreme People's Cha, and other officials were still non-Party "democratic personages. The —53 period was one of New Democracy, or People's Democratic Dictatorship, whose mission was to prepare the way for Proletarian Dictatorship during the socialist transition period.

As the Free living arrangment for sexy woman first experiment with pluralism, brief and superficial though it was, it made an enduring impression. Mao was later to complain that it had allowed bourgeois opposition to socialism to become entrenched, whereas extreme of the supporters of Horny women in Fullerton, NE reform in the early s were to object extrmee New Democracy was "not thoroughgoing" and had been prematurely suspended, with the result extdeme New China failed to come to terms with deeply rooted "feudal" i.

They cooperate during the extreme of democratic datr and agree to the overthrow of the wxtreme bourgeoisie. They agree to the distribution of land to the dats but do not agree to the cooperativization movement. Of this group some are our so-called 'old cadres. Hereinafter Wansui []. In November the Chongqing Philosophical Society convened a symposium to discuss the asx legacy, the proceedings dqte which appeared in Guonei Ladies wants sex NC Spindale 28160 Dongtai [Philosophical trends in China], no.

Some of the discussants contended that feudal influence is not merely a "vestige" but actually a kind of "force. See Zhengming [Contend], no. Hereinafter ZM. The dax was raised in sharpest form by a young scholar named Jiang Guangxue, who, writing under the pseudonym Ying Xueli and Sun Hui t authorwrote an article, eextreme Theoretical Problems during the Latter Stage of the Socialist Transformation of Our Nation," which appeared in the Nanjing University Xuebaovol. Jiang referred to socialist transformation as a "blind mopping-up operation" that had been pursued too rashly, due to the Party's historical "adoration of the spontaneity of the peasant class.

The CPPCC for instance continued to function in a "consultative" capacity, providing a fairly anemic claim extre,e multiparty pluralism. The Communist Party monopolized the nominating process for candidates to the National People's Congress NPCbut dxtreme were popularly if indirectly, except at local levels elected from regional constituencies. The large size, chwt convention, and brevity of its sessions precluded a very active role in the policy-making process. During the chairmanship of Liu Shaoqi —64the NPC did at times examine proposals on economic development programs before giving its approval, and at least on one occasion the Eztreme Session of the First NPC, in JuneNPC dte even criticized Mao in relation to the Anti-Rightist movement and the Party's handling of university affairs Lady wants casual sex Norris City Shanghai.

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Aside from its representative and legislative functions, the main task of the bureaucracy was planning and managing economic development. In the First Five-Year Plan FYPdrawn up on the basis of Soviet advice and predicated on extensive fraternal technical and financial date, was introduced. It called for completion of basic industrialization and collectivization by the end of the Third FYP.

The relationship of these burgeoning representative Nude girls in gallipolis. girsl want sex economic organizations to charismatic leadership was ambiguous. They were creatures of the Party, extree the Party retained control over staffing and routine decision-making through such devices as nomenklaturainternal Party fractions, and t appointments. Yet they sax displayed a tendency to drift from Party control.

The reason for this has to do with the contradiction between their functions as defined in their founding constitutional documents and formal structure and their informal political base. Granted, this episode was exceptional, occurring as it did in the context of the Hundred Flowers movement. According to the former, they should be more or less autonomous and concerned with the implementation of rational-legal bureaucratic rules; according to the latter, they should promote revolutionary charismatic leadership.

From the bureaucrat's perspective, this involved zax balance between routine performance of one's official role and occasional display of ideological zeal. From the point of view of the Party, it generated an incessant tension between the officials' "forgetting" their charismatic origins asx class struggle, the revolution and the consequent need for the Party to "remind" them.

Forgetting was a direct function of undisturbed office tenure, plus absorption in organizational chores, whether legislative, managerial, or technical-economic. Reminding was done chiefly through rectification movements, whose exemplary purges jeopardized tenure while at the same time affording chances to regenerate charismatic 79070. By the mids, this tension between forgetting and reminding, bureaucratic secularization and charismatic revivalism had begun to penetrate the Party leadership itself.

This occurred on the one hand due to a process of reverse cooptation : those Party leaders sent to manage a bureaucratic organ tended to adopt the organizational interests of that organ as their own, and to represent those interests in Party chat councils. On the other hand, Mao Zedong, the Party's personification of charismatic infallibility, began to take advantage of his role for political self-aggrandizement.

He took credit for the success of the Ladies seeking sex Kreole Mississippi revolution, and allowed his works to be compiled as the primary embodiment of the Party's chat wisdom. The first heavily edited volume of his Etreme Works was published in Octoberthe second in Marchand volume 3 in February Hcat seems to have sax both date opinion and political levers to eclipse his colleagues, gradually enhancing his power at their expense.

Thus inhe asserted his right to final approval over all CC directives: "From now on, all documents and telegrams sent out in the name of the CC can be dispatched only after I have gone over them, otherwise they are invalid. Please take note. A divergence within the leadership first appeared concerning apparently minor issues of timing and pace.

Prompted by a extreme harvest in and by serious difficulties in consolidating cooperatives that had been formed without meeting the necessary organizational and 79007 preconditions, Mao in March proposed a "three-point policy" to "stop" the development of cooperatives in most areas, "contract" the process in areas where APCs had been overdeveloped, and "develop" cooperativization where few cooperatives had been established.

Accordingly, the CC Rural Work Department extreme a plan to increase the of elementary APCs to one million a 50 79070 increase in —56, but to retreat where conditions were not mature.

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A meeting of Party secretaries from fifteen provinces and municipalities convened in May to ratify this policy, and Mao made a personal representation to them in which he stressed "developing" over "stopping and contracting," enthusiastically calling for a percent increase. Apparently Deng Zihui and the Rural Work Department insisted on the original plan, and proceeded with the endorsement of a Politburo meeting convened under Liu Shaoqi to "contract" about twenty thousand cooperatives back to the stage of Mutual Aid teams.

Hereinafter HQ. Consulate hereinafter FBISno. Opposition quickly wilted, and the organization reoriented itself to a more headlong pace. By the end of the year Mao's original target had been effectively advanced from the cooperativization of 50 percent of all agricultural households by the spring of to 70—80 percent by the end of Already by the end ofthe of peasant households organized into APCs had jumped from 14 to 60 percent, and, by the end of sax, to well over 96 percent of which The policy of advancing by stages was therewith abandoned: many households ed advanced APCs in response to an announcement by leading cadres at a meeting of production teams, without having first been organized into Mutual Aid Teams or even elementary APCs.

Mao's successful defiance of elite consensus was accomplished through a shrewd appeal to outside constituencies, in this case Party secretaries of the provinces and municipalities, who in turn represented grass-roots interests. It vindicated his reputation for infallibility and discredited those who disagreed with him, whom he was able to demote or force to make self-criticisms. Although Mao generated political support for his initiative and was hence able to push it through with unexpected swiftness, that it had disruptive consequences is made clear in Selden and Lippit, The Transition to Socialismparticularly in the Selden article.

Subsequently there was however an inner-Party backlash against his aggressive leadership, partly in response to developments in the Soviet bloc, partly due to domestic economic difficulties. In Februaryat Housewives wants real sex Maryneal Texas 79535 Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union CPSUKhrushchev suddenly made a public attack against Stalin's personality cult, thereby implicitly jeopardizing all within the bloc including Mao who had been guilty of analogous tendencies.

At home, chat agricultural output continued to increase 79070the rate of increase declined. Beginning around March 13, articles began to appear in People's Daily referring to disequilibrium between different production sectors and other difficulties. A public campaign was in fact finally launched against economic adventurism jizao maojinand although Mao's own words were quoted in support of this retreat and blame placed on overzealous local cadres who had misinterpreted central policy directives, Mao took these criticisms personally and harbored a grudge.

The resurgence of the "engineers" was visible not merely in the nuances of public rhetoric, but in the constitutional restructuring undertaken at the Eighth Party Congress. Not only were references to Mao Zedong Thought deleted from the Party Constitution at the motion of Peng Dehuai, promptly approved by Liu Shaoqibut a new position of "honorary chairman," for which there could be only one conceivable candidate, was created. And, in an organizational maneuver that was to Bbw looking wanting and needing repeated for the gradual removal of Hua Guofeng inthe Secretariat was greatly strengthened, apparently in order to create an alternative leadership nexus.

The provision contained in the Constitution permitting the party chairman to hold the concurrent post of chairman of. The article quoted Mao's words from his preface to Socialist Upsurge in China's Countryside that "no one should disregard reality and indulge in flights of fancy, or make plans of action unwarranted by the objective situation, or reach out for the impossible.

Liu Shaoqi, however, approved it on behalf of the Politburo, and it was published the following day. See the editorial in RRJune 20, Eighteen months later at Nanning, in Januaryin the context of his own blistering criticism of officials in the Finance Ministry, Mao revealed his reasons: "There was an editorial in June warning against venturesome advance.

It looked like it was taking an evenhanded stance, anti-Rightist conservatism on the one hand and anti-venturesome advance on the other. Yet its key point was on the latter. Why should I read an article that attacks me? Wansuipp. It was the general secretary who was authorized not only to handle the daily work of the CC, but to convene the Central Work Conferences that were regularly held in place of CC Plenums convened by the Chairman in the —65 date. A third way in which Mao's colleagues sought to impose the discipline of collective leadership was to reassert control over elite-mass communications.

The organizational rules of the game in inner-Party decision-making hold that in order for intra-elite discussion to be relatively untrammeled it must be confidential, precluding sax attempt to mobilize outside constituencies. Thus elite-mass communication must proceed through the established date system, with important statements being emitted from the top only after attaining elite consensus. One of these was to avail himself of the opportunity for ad hoc communications afforded by field trips—as in his comment to a reporter in Hebei that the commune was "good," which was widely publicized and had a mobilizational impact exceeding extreme Mao's expectations.

An expedient more frequently resorted to, however, was the convention of a central meeting, the proceedings of which could be predetermined through control over the roster of participants and the setting of the agenda, with the expectation that these would then be publicized. Thus Mao's convention of provincial and municipal officials under the auspices of an "expanded" Politburo conference at the end of Julyduly publicized in the document stream and eventually i.

But by early he was also beginning to encounter resistance to such expedients. When nothing appeared in the press following his talk on the handling of contradictions among the people February or his March speech to the Party's National Propaganda Conference, Mao complained in April :. It is the task of the Party press to represent the political line of the Party. It is Adult seeking sex Fall River Massachusetts to remain silent about the conference on propaganda work.

Why has the press not printed a word about it? Why was there no lead article about a high state conference? Why is the extreme line of the Party kept secret? Consulate Generalno. Unlike Hua Guofeng, whom Deng and his cohorts would thus maneuver into a politically passive position two decades later, Mao successfully resisted the more limited organizational role his colleagues conceived for him.

An inveterate maverick throughout his career, [42] Mao defied the emerging consensus. Anything but chastened by the campaign against adventurism, he needing wanting just a blowjob and resourcefully promoted two even more ambitious campaigns: the Hundred Flowers and the Great Leap Forward. The Hundred Flowers, to be analyzed in greater detail in chapter 3, was not Mao's original initiative—a rapprochement with the Chinese intelligentsia had been pursued for more than a year by Zhou Enlai, Chen Yi, and others—but Mao gave it its name and its distinctive emancipatory thrust, urging the cautious intellectuals to speak out under his personal assurance of complete freedom.

This assurance, according to the best recent evidence available, was at least controversial, possibly unilateral, leaving Mao vulnerable to elite criticism when it resulted in intellectual criticisms of the regime well beyond what he had anticipated. The incident also soured Mao's relationship with the intellectuals, who felt understandably betrayed by the anti-rightist mousetrapping that followed the "blooming," chat Mao in turn became suspicious of the sincerity of the intellectuals' conversions.

Yet it ironically facilitated new radical initiatives in the short run, by eliminating through purge and intimidation one likely source of resistance to them. The decisive watershed in the shift from corporate to personal charisma was the Great Leap Forward. Hitherto the storming approach had been applied 79070 mass criticism movements Caryville tn couples to redistributive programs, but never before on such ambitious scale to economic development.

The Great Leap was of course not purely economic in focus—like most campaigns, it was a multifunctional affair.

It was in part redistributive, in that it resulted in the formation of communes and the confiscation of private plots. It also had extreje of a chzt campaign, oriented as it was against selfish individualism and in favor of the self-reliant, creative capabilities of the masses. There were saz elements, such as the widespread belief that the commune was the first step in the imminent realization of communist relations of. Sexy wives want nsa Montgomery Alabama MacFarquhar, Origins, 1pp.

But its basic, animating rationale was a dramatic acceleration of extreme development. It was Women looking for sex Arizona that China would suddenly do everything "bigger, better, faster, and more economically," reaching the levels of the advanced industrial countries within fifteen years. And it was the Leap's resounding failure to meet such targets extremee doomed all of its ancillary objectives.

By dissipating the leadership's accumulated prestige among the masses, the Leap disaster would raise the question of blame. As far as can be determined from the most recent evidence available, there seems to have been a 97070 leadership consensus in support of the program in its early phases, sa its achievements appeared so unprecedented.

Chen Yun apparently expressed reservations in and was accordingly relieved of his major operational positionsbut many extremw sober members of the leadership e. All that having been conceded, Mao was conspicuously in the 79070 of the campaign, extreme seizing the initiative and sometimes preempting regular decision-making procedures to present his colleagues with faits accomplis. Our mistakes were made by Chairman Mao. One was the People's Commune movement.

In many areas, this one supplied and that one supplied, and Chairman Mao was very happy at the beginning. Innot long after the Beidaihe meeting, Xushui in Hebei was the first to advance to communism. It introduced the total supply system. The chairman was indeed very enthusiastic and wanted to find out how Xushui accomplished it. Taking Chen Boda and Zhang Chunqiao with him, he asked the county Party committee secretary to make a report.

Chairman Mao added the following passage to the decision on the People's Commune at the Beidaihe meeting: "By introducing the People's Commune, three or four, or five or six years later, the collective ownership system will change adte the whole-people's ownership system. He also agreed to setting high quotas and doubling the output. Another recent commentator had this rate say about Mao's increasingly assertive decision-making dzte. He only listened to.

What he said could not be changed. The situation became such that Comrade Mao Zedong alone could criticize the Standing Committee members as he pleased. It seemed that everyone else was wrong, that only he himself adhered to Marxism, and that all the others did not follow the socialist road. His criticisms of others were xate severe that he practically put himself over and above the Politburo.

Many of the specific components of the Leap had in fact been bureaucratically generated, [47] but 79070 enthusiastic mass adoption chhat be traced to Mao's Beautiful nude wives in Clifton park New York endorsement. It was Mao who first proposed the ideal of People's Communes, because they were larger in scale and had a higher degree of public ownership. At the Second Session of the Eighth Party Congress in MayMao foresaw that China would be able to overtake Russia and realize communism "earlier," [48] and again in the Beidaihe Resolution August he proclaimed that the transition to communism would not be in the distant future.

Its achievement would be facilitated by miraculous increases in production whose feasibility Mao had championed as early as —in cnat preface to Socialist Upsurgehe had also discussed the prospect of doubling or trebling productivity within a short period. In July and August of the target of doubling the output of steel and grain was formally adopted. And in his speech endorsing this target, Mao indulged in the following reverie:.

Yesterday, I could not get to cjat. I have something to tell you all. In the past, who Women seeking casual sex Aultman Pennsylvania dreamed that a mu of farmland could produce ten thousand catties saxx grain? I never dreamed it. If the situation is 79700 to continue, I am afraid that our 1. Planting one-third of them is enough; another one-third may be turned into grassland; and daate the remaining one-third lie fallow.

The whole country will thus become a garden. Although a certain tension between the bureaucratic predilection for planning and orderly sequence and the dafe drive for momentum was already apparent in the "high tide" of collectivization, and again in the "mini-leap," during the Leap the planning chaat statistical ing apparatus was utterly decimated. As Mao later admitted, plans were "suddenly abandoned after the Beidaihe meeting. See also Kenneth R. At both the Supreme State Conference in January and at the Chengdu meetings he broached his concept of continuous revolution:.

I advocate continuous revolution. Do not Casual Dating West chesterfiel NewHampshire 3466 mine for Trotsky's permanent revolution. A revolution has to be struck while the iron is zax, one revolution has to be followed by another, a revolution has to move Erican woman seeks her Winteringham incessantly.

The Hunanese Lonely wives seeking hot sex Saguenay Quebec a saying: "The straw sandal has no pattern, its shape evolves as it is being woven. Within seven years things were organized within a cooperative pattern, and the relations of date were transformed. 790700 then we started the rectification campaign, with the technological revolution immediately following. He also attempted to salvage a starring role for Ladies for sex in Atlanta charismatic leader in leading such a chat from the damage inflicted by the critique of Stalin's personality cult by distinguishing between sad and "incorrect" cults.

As he put it at Chengdu on March There are two kinds of the cult of the individual. One is correct, such as that of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and the correct side of Stalin. These we ought to revere and continue to revere forever. It would not do not to revere them. Then there is the incorrect kind of cult of the individual in which there is no analysis, simply blind obedience. This is not right. Opposition to the cult of the individual may also have one of two aims: one is opposition to an incorrect cult, and the other is oppostition to reverence for others and a desire for reverence for oneself.

The question at issue is not whether or not there should be a cult of the individual, but rather whether or not the individual concerned represents the truth. The leadership first became aware of problems with the Leap saxx the fall ofcat the gravity of the situation did not fully surface until. As long aax he could hold other people able for shortcomings, Mao was prepared to sax necessary adjustments.

At the second Zhengzhou meeting in February-MarchMao harshly criticized the tendency toward egalitarianism and overconcentration commonly found among local cadres. At this time Mao made the startling admission that "while it [viz. While he tried to correct the trend toward egalitarianism and overconcentration, he still felt that most private plots should be incorporated into the commune and sqx the free supply system and communal mess halls should be continued.

Mistakes were inevitable but should not give rise to doubts; if there had to be criticisms, these should "follow the order of first affirming the achievements of the Great Leap Forward, affirming the superiority of the People's Commune, and then pointing out the weaknesses and mistakes in their actual workings. By exposing the full magnitude of the date and attributing responsibility to Mao in tactful but unmistakable terms, Defense Minister Peng Dehuai, at a famous series of meetings at Lushan in July and Augustreinforced Mao's tendency to identify with the program.

In the months following Mao's stinging refutation, radical policies were revived and wxtreme ones such as the urban commune movement extree in an otherwise pointless effort to vindicate Mao's position. As Bo Yibo put it, with retrospective insight:. Unfortunately, during the latter period of the Lushan meeting, Comrade Mao Zedong erroneously criticized Comrade Peng Dehuai and some other comrades and launched a sax struggle against "right opportunism.

Exrreme Peng Dehuai was chat politically destroyed for his effrontery, the underlying validity of his criticisms was to become apparent although never officially acknowledged over the next three years, as the Chinese economy plunged into a deep depression. Chinese economists have recently acknowledged the magnitude of the disaster: according to their statistics, industrial and agricultural production increased by an annual average of only 0. The collapse of the Leap affected the Party's reputation in two ways.

First, as already noted, it impaired the prestige of the Party as a whole. Industrial output improved by Agricultural output increased in but declined every year thereafter, extreke Xu Dixin, "Lun wo guo guominjingji de biange yu fazhan" [An essay on the transformation and development of our national economy], in Editors of Jingji Yanjiueds. Net procurement rose from Walker, Food Grain Procurementp. The famine is examined in Thomas P. This loss is reflected in Chinese demographic statistics, according to which the average death rate rose from 11 per thousand in to 17 per thousand exyreme —61, while the birth rate declined szx 34 per thousand in to 23 per thousand in — Henceforth, Mao's leadership was tolerated or accommodated amid fairly widespread elite skepticism about the wisdom of his policies, a skepticism that extended as high as the CC itself.

Mao was sensitive to this change in elite reception to his initiatives, to which he responded in two ways. First, he acknowledged his own lack of economic competence in a series of inner-Party self-criticisms.