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Salads in a slow cooker

Scrambled eggs and omelets 45 recipes

37 baked meat recipes

Pancakes and fritters recipe 21

Desserts recipe 42

7 jam recipes

37 bread recipes

Pasta and pasta recipe 53

Sauces 10 recipes

Salads in a slow cooker – quick, easy and delicious!

The salad is an essential dish for any holiday or everyday table. Salad recipes are so varied that you can cook the dish according to personal preferences will be simple. For salads use a variety of ingredients – fresh or boiled vegetables, herbs, sausages, meat, eggs and more. Is it possible to prepare salads in a slow cooker? With an accuracy of answer: “Yes.” In a slow cooker you quickly boil vegetables or meat, eggs or cereal. And, given the gentle heat treatment of products in this technique, the prepared salad is not only delicious, but also very useful by preserving all nutrients in the products.

Salads in a slow cooker on every day.

To roast the products offered on the “Hot.” If such a programme in your slow cooker is not, then the “Baking” is a great alternative.

At the same time you can cook several foods. For example, boil rice and vegetables together. It’s enough to use the mode of steam cooking. How? The rice should pour into a deep bowl multivarki and fill with water. Top to install a special container for steaming and put it in any cleaned the vegetables that you need for the salad. In the mode “steaming” the vegetables and rice for meals will be ready as soon as you hear the characteristic beep!

Salads are prepared in the slow cooker as quickly as possible. Due to the uniform heating of the bowl multivarki warm for a few minutes, which greatly speeds up the process of cooking food in General.

A variety of salads to slow cooker.

A huge number of recipes for salads for a couple of presents on our websitee. Here you will find recipes like simple salads for every day, and complex recipes, but very tasty snacks for the holiday table. Olivier, vinaigrette, a herring under a fur coat, salads with cheese, garlic and boiled meat. Traditional salads cook in slow cooker “new”, master new recipes of snacks, dine on your own taste in this section!

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