Delicious quick salads
  Salad from a green radish You will need: green radish - one tuber, onion - couple onions, chicken eggs - one egg, ham (or bacon, sausage) - 50 grams…

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The recipes are delicious and quick salads
Minimum ingredients, minimum time and great food as a result – I guess every woman would dream about this recipe. We offer you the recipes of delicious and quick salads…

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What cook on weekends
What cook on weekends (ideas and recipes) Today is Friday, which means weekend approaching. This is the time when you: first, sleep. And on Monday back to work. Just kidding,…

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Recipes of different delicious salads holiday

1. Lamb salad (you can make Goat) (smoked meat, garlic, pickles, potatoes, eggs, greens, mayonnaise)

2. Salad with beef Tongue (boiled tongue, cheese, fresh tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, mayonnaise, garlic, herbs, black olives, mushrooms cons)

3. Salad Coach (egg pancakes, chicken, Korean carrots, pickles, roasted beef, mayonnaise)

4. A Light salad (smoked sausage, bell pepper, Korean carrots, chicken, garlic, mayonnaise, croutons, corn)

5. Italian salad (bacon or salami, curly pasta, pepper, herbs, cheese, olive oil, salt, sugar, tomatoes, rosemary, oregano, savory)

6. Salad of the Mouse on the cheese (grilled chicken, pineapples, mayonnaise, cheese, garlic, eggs)

7. Salad Cones (boiled potatoes, smoked meat, pickled onions, canned corn and egg,mayonnaise, cheese, almonds)

8. Olivier classic (chicken, peas, potatoes, onions, greens, pickled cucumber, carrot, Apple (without him), eggs, mayonnaise, black pepper)

9. Mackerel under the coat (subria vegetarian, potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, eggs, mayonnaise, greens)

10. Chinese salad (cabbage, fried marinated pork in sweet sauce, fresh carrots, sunflower seeds, garlic, spices, mayonnaise)

11. Salad Garnet bracelet (boiled beets, raisins, pomegranate, cheese, garlic, raw carrot, mayonnaise)

12. Glass noodles (glass noodles, black radish, beef, carrots, cucumber, garlic, bell pepper, onion, sauce LAZ)

13. Banquet salad (cheese, some potatoes, tomatoes, beef, garlic, mayonnaise)

14. Mimosa salad ( we love this salad :give_heart: ) (canned mackerel, potatoes, eggs, carrots, onion, cheese, mayonnaise)

15. The MOST DELICIOUS salad (tomatoes, beef, pickles, cheese, potatoes, mayonnaise)

16. Salad liver and onions (beef liver in thin slices, gherkins, pickled onions, spices, vegetable oil)

17. Salad WITH CHICKEN and GRAPES (chicken, cheese, grilled mushrooms, onions, eggs, grapes, mayonnaise, a weird combination, but trust me – it’s very tasty)

18. Ceviche of salmon (marinated pieces of fresh salmon, onions, bell peppers, avocado, spices, olive oil)

19. Liver cake (beef liver, eggs, garlic, herbs, flour, mayonnaise, carrots)