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On 20 October the world celebrated the Day of the cook. One of the tasks of a top chef to surprise the visitor. This can be done with the use of unusual feed, amazing taste and… eye-popping high prices.

The Americans and Europeans on soups traditionally do not spend a lot of money. There was marked, mostly Asians. For example, in China the first dish prepared, which cost has already exceeded $400 and growing all the time. This soup from the penis of a tiger. However, the dish is interesting not only from a gastronomic point of view. It is believed that this soup enhances male potency

One of the most expensive also is the soup Buddha jumps over the wall. Cook it in London, but in a Chinese restaurant Kai. In the recipe a little bit of everything: pork, chicken, Chinese ham and flower mushroom, shark’s fin, scallops, sea cucumber and ginseng. And finally to justify the price of 200 dollars, put in another and two grams of edible gold.

Breakfast is the Foundation of the day. And a wonderful Foundation, if it’s an omelet. A favorite dish of all singles a lot of expensive products to put difficult. But the chef from new York Emil Castillo found a way out.

In your omelet Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata he added black caviar. Heartily sepanol top, so the cost has soared to $ 1,000. In addition to her in the presence of lobster, green onion and, in fact, eggs. Castillo works in the restaurant at the hotel premium Le Parker Meridien Hotel, but even a good location helps to sell not more than 12 meals per year.

In Russia everyone is convinced that pelmeni is a traditional Russian dish. Actually, they came to us through Siberia from Asia, but settled down really well. So it’s doubly disappointing that the most expensive offer is not in Moscow but in new York.

Well at least they were invented by Russian immigrants who opened a restaurant in NY Golden Gate. For the filling use ground veal, pork and elk, but it is not important in these dumplings. The dough is put in a special Supplement of chopped glands from one species of deep-sea anchovy. Due to this, the ravioli acquire a bluish tint, glow in the dark and cost $2400 for 8 pieces.

Those who want to try very, very expensive ice cream, there is practically no choice – they have to fly to new York restaurant Serendipity 3. There sell Grand Opulence – sundae for a thousand dollars.

The menu has a more luxury variant, for which we must pay 25 thousand. The price Frozen Haute Chocolate is not only ice cream, but also a tray, a ramekin, and spoon – all made of gold, of course. However, and edible toppings did not disappoint: chocolate ice cream out of the 28 varieties of cocoa beans laced with 5 grams of gold. In short, people who tried it – and there was not very much satisfied.


Based on trends added to food to precious metals, one would think that the most expensive chocolates in the gold in the chocolate. Almost on that path and went in the company of Simon Jewelers. They are combined in one box, two female weakness is sweets and decorations. In the end, gift sets Le Chocolate Box with attached necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings being pulled in $ 1.5 million.