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The most delicious fish starters


Today we will talk about fish and snacks. Fish is generally very useful and nutritious product. Their flesh contains a huge amount of phosphorus, calcium, protein and other microelements. Fish cooked thousands of dishes.

Fish croquettes deep fried

1. 400 gr. fish fillets;

2. 1 tablespoon butter;

3. 1 head onion;

4. 2-3 potatoes;

8. 0,5 tbsp. flour;

9. 24 pitted olives;

10. a little seasoning for fish;

11. a little salt and pepper;

12. vegetable oil for frying.

Method of preparation:

To start, boil the potatoes, drain off the water and the still hot potatoes turn into mashed potatoes. Onions clean and finely crumble. Fry it in butter until soft (not browned).

Fish fillet scrolled through a meat grinder together with onion. The resulting minced meat mixed with mashed potatoes, seasoned with salt, pepper, fish seasoning. There also added grated on a grater cheese. This well stirred mass.

From the resulting minced form 24 balls. In the center of each of them are hidden by the olive.

Now put the heated oil for deep frying. On the table have three plates: in one meal; the second, a little dissolved with water, the eggs; in the third the breadcrumbs.

Take each ball, dip them in the flour, then drop in the egg and finally coat in bread crumbs. Drop the croquettes in the fryer and fry until nice Golden color. With a slotted spoon put on paper towels for a bit to get wet excess fat. The croquettes beautifully placed on a platter, decorate with parsley and served. Bon appetit!

Fish julienne with cheese

To prepare this exquisite hot fish appetizers you will need:

1. 500 gr. kopchenko fish;

2. 1 bulb onion;

5. ¾ Cup of sour cream;

6. 1 tsp dijonnaise;

7. 4 tablespoons grated hard cheese;

8. 0.5 of Cup heavy cream;

9. half the bunch of dill;

10. a little salt and red pepper.

Method of preparation:

Prepare a julienne is quite simple. For starters, fillet the fish, remove the skin and bones. Cut the flesh into small pieces.

The onion peel and finely chop. Sauté onions in butter, when it begins to brown, send back the fish, stir and remove from heat.

The contents of the pan spread on the ramekins.

Next, prepare the sauce. To do this, simply very finely chop the dill and mix it with sour cream.

Now prepare the cheese curd for Julien. To do this in a bowl for whipping divide the eggs, add the mustard, grated cheese, and start whipping with a mixer. While continuing to work with a mixer, gradually introduce the cream. At the end add salt and pepper. The mass is gently put on top of the fish.

Put the cocottes in the oven for 10-15 minutes, and bring a snack until cooked at 200 °C.


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