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Snacks for the festive table

Snacks for the festive table, if not the main, very pleasant and is a significant addition. Small in size, they are not only beautifully decorate the table and stimulate the appetite, but are a prelude to a conversation or a lavish reception.

Snacks for the festive table. Recipes

Gastronomic specialties such as: sausage, meat, pate, fish, canned fish and seafood is the perfect material to cook savory snacks for the holiday table, recipes from them quite exquisitely.

Look appetizing a few varieties of sausage, Packed in rows or cuts of ham, tongue and smoked pork loin. Decorate the dish with sprigs of greenery and green peas.

Great snacks are natural canned fish. They are served with mayonnaise and decorate with slices of eggs, hard-boiled, herbs and olives. And use it for different salads.

Cold snacks on the holiday table

Cold snacks on the festive table – this canned food from crabs and squid, selection of seafood: mussels, shrimp, oysters. On a dish put lettuce, and then canned, and top with slices of lemon.

Granular caviar is good in any form: cold, laid in a vase, on the bottom of which is pre-fill crushed ice, decorated with flower oil or in the form of sandwiches.

Well apply for an appetizer acute the cheese of one or more varieties. It is finely cut before serving, spread on a plate in rows or like a fan, decorated with circles of lemon and olives. Original and looks spectacular cheese, if you slice his curly knife into diamonds, triangles or squares, and plastic skewers to attach to them a slice of plum, Apple or lemon, sprinkled with sugar .

Snacks for the festive table

Light snacks for the festive table . the recipes are very diverse, is an indispensable attribute of any event. They go perfectly with many culinary products.

Salted or pickled mushrooms – white, boletus, mushrooms, put into a salad bowl, filled with a mixture of vinegar, sugar and vegetable oil and decorated with finely chopped green onions – yummy and delicious appetizer. No less interesting and caviar, prepared with fresh mushrooms.

Salads snacks for the festive table

Salads snacks for the festive table is always a great solution if your guests are on the doorstep. From baked eggplants and peppers, you can cook gourmet caviar. Fill it with finely chopped onions, lightly fried in vegetable oil, and various spices.

Good as a separate dish, sauerkraut provençale. She doesn’t need any additions. A distinctive feature is its pleasant sour taste. At any time of the year, freshly-salted cucumbers are tasty and enjoyable snack.

Quick snacks for the festive table

Fresh radishes, sliced and poured a pile on green leaves of salad, will be a beautiful and delicious addition to the table. It is served with butter. Such a quick snack to a festive table will never be less tasty than if you stood at the stove for half a day!

Red, yellow and orange peppers – fresh and marinated, perfect holiday appetizer and decoration for a variety of salads and sandwiches.

Lemon, as an independent snack – not bruised and the original solution. Teaspoon of coffee and a pinch of sugar, poured on a slice of lemon, turn it into a spicy and delicious dish .


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