Recipes of different delicious salads holiday
1. Lamb salad (you can make Goat) (smoked meat, garlic, pickles, potatoes, eggs, greens, mayonnaise) 2. Salad with beef Tongue (boiled tongue, cheese, fresh tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, mayonnaise, garlic, herbs,…

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Simple salads for every day
Salad JUMBLE Cooking together Simple salads every day! — this is our everything! What else? Without salads... Of course, everyone has a favorite p a simple salad every day... I…

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THE MOST EXPENSIVE DISHES IN THE WORLD On 20 October the world celebrated the Day of the cook. One of the tasks of a top chef to surprise the visitor.…

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The most delicious dishes of Thailand


Want to try national cuisine, which is one of the top lines of a rating of the best in the world? You should definitely go to Thailand. Those who have culinary talents, we can and we do try to cook a whole meal consisting only of best Thai dishes.

The most popular and really delicious is the soup “Tom Yam kung”, it is sometimes even considered a symbol of the Country of Smiles. They say that if it captivates from the very first spoon, it was just a bad cook. The soup is served everywhere, and in the most expensive restaurants in Thailand, and in any roadside café, is no exception and the Shakespeare hotel Pattaya is a city with a huge number of various eateries and restaurants because try all versions of this dish, because it can be prepared with shrimp, chicken or fish. The first option is the most popular. In addition to the main ingredient, it includes mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, ginger, lime juice (just few drops) and chili (without it in any way). The soup is quite spicy, even for a habitual Thais, because it is served with a small amount of boiled friable rice.

No less popular and “som-Tam”, a delicious salad of green papaya, cashew nuts (sometimes use peanuts) and dried shrimp. Cook it in a small wooden mortar, and because of that he has just amazing taste. Other ingredients: carrots, tomatoes, garlic, fish sauce and chilli (of course), mixing in a mortar, allocate juice, which is the sauce. Served with fresh cucumbers, or cabbage leaves, which soften the sharpness of the salad.

Famous stir-fried noodles “pad Thai” is also one of the most popular Thai dishes. It can be very thin and thick, flat and narrow, and fried with onion, egg, nuts (cashews or peanuts). However, the secret of taste is the sauce consisting of fish sauce, palm sugar, spices (every cook fantasizes) and tamarind. Be sure to find a dish among the variety of the restaurant at Sabai wing Pattaya is not only restaurants and cafes, and street vendors of food, so they can offer you noodles with shrimp, and sprinkle with crushed peanuts.

If I started talking about street food, then they can see and simply amazing Thai pancakes “roti”. Of course, this is not a traditional Russian pancakes, but rather tortillas stuffed with bananas (you can find different options for toppings), but on top of them poured over sweet condensed milk. Sweet tooth is going crazy.