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Simple salads for every day


Cooking together

Simple salads every day! — this is our everything! What else? Without salads…

Of course, everyone has a favorite p a simple salad every day…

I have a “favorite” salads or “green” or vegetable. Tasty and healthy and, most importantly, eating salad, and other dishes to eat.

I do not deny that there are many other delicious-step of salads with many different ingredients, for example, consisting of meat, cheese, and fruit… and eggs… but for me personally they are very hearty for a salad. For me, the salad should be accompanied, so to speak, mealtime and not to saturate already at the initial stage of the process!

Therefore, and prefer greens and vegetables. And I like that “my simple salad every day” and off-season, and budget, and quite neshaminy…

And also “variable” on the taste and color to “create” new variants every time.

And I cook it so…

Vegetables… As a basis!

Or buy your favorite or carry out inspection, set it up, what yearns in the fridge…

The salad can be prepared with seasonal vegetables, changing its composition.

Vegetables are viewed in terms of quantity and sort on method of cooking.

As for the number . since then I have salad “jumble” or say, somewhere even “meats” (not afraid of this word!) I prefer to vegetables was a little of each variety, no vegetable so as not dominated, and that in fact will be just, for example, potato or beet salad…

According to the method of cooking, sort the vegetables for those that are going to be (note, FOR a COUPLE!)… which would be roasted… and that raw will use for the salad.

Salad JUMBLE — specific and in this case! — we used the following companions of the garden:

— potatoes. As you know, in another time of year will suit the potato is a seasonal age… won’t say “old”!

— the sweet potato … which is not necessarily! Simply there was at me such Tovarisch! Abyss will not give the harvest!

— carrot … Well this lady present at our table all year round — there is no deficit ever!

a nice beet, huh? And as without it — the use of definite and bright colors in the pie!

onion . Just the bulb… but you can take more and leeks .

— paprika . I mean as we cry “sweet or bell pepper”…

— Chile . This ingredient take strictly according to taste and depending on how he is strict and kosuch…

Not everyone love spicy — so dispensed themselves. I don’t save!

and here’s another — the fennel … Maybe a crop failure on it, then “no foul”!

I would love to use celery root instead — but that time never happened…

— maize (corn) . and in the ear… In other times, when not in the cob, it is possible without it or from the jar… Although I personally don’t like corn in salads out of the jar. but I’m not the standard!

Then I use peas it is better .

is garlic ;

and there were tomatoes weren’t included in Photosthe session!

I think the principle is clear — more vooma delicious and different!

All my carefully!

Onions and peel the garlic. Cut into small cubes onion and garlic zhmakaem the wide side of a knife and shred with a knife… don’t press!

The paprika and Chile are exempt from the seeds and stems. Cut paprika into cubes, and chili thin stripes.

Remove from the cob with a knife grain.

Heat treatment is divided into “cook” and “fry”…

The vegetables for the salad are boiled for a couple: the first — less hassle, second of vitamins.

Using a pot, steamer… If not — you can just hang the colander in a suitable pan.

The water in the pot should not reach bottom of colander.

Vegetables should be put consistently:

All vegetables brought to readiness at the same time — check out the match, she comes in with little effort. As they say, weld, but not to overcook!