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The ideas are interesting meat dishes

Khashlama. Recipe and cooking instructions

Meat is a fundamental part of any holiday (and not only) table. Hearty and delicious food have always been popular. But what the kitchen boasts a real abundance of meat? Of course, Georgian.

Her meat dishes are not only traditional, but also amazingly delicious, rich and flavorful. One of those is khashlama of lamb. For all who want to master the skill of cooking this dish below is a recipe with detailed steps and all the components. But be prepared that the whole process will take some time. The meat in this case is prepared at least 4 hours, or 8. So be sure to have patience and a sufficient amount of free time. After all, cooking does not tolerate haste.

Khashlama. Recipe

Let’s start with the selection of products that we will need for this dish. Their list is quite short, and the ingredients can be purchased in any suitable shop in the course of the year. That is why khashlama is a dish available for the preparation of almost every owner.

half a kilogram of lamb;

a similar quantity of potatoes;

sweet bell peppers;

ripe tomatoes;

salt to taste.

It is worth noting some of the most interesting features of the preparation before starting the description of the dishes. Khashlama recipe that will below, does not contain any spices and herbs that are as a rule, full of Georgian cuisine. But the end result is this fresh, you can be sure. The dish should be very tender and juicy.

Khashlama (recipe focuses on a kind of meat) necessarily prepared from mutton. Some cooks prefer to use something else instead, for fear that the product will be spoiled and odor. However, in this case about it can not worry. The lamb dish will have a delicate meaty flavor, which does not spoil the meal process.

Begin cooking. The meat should be divided into large pieces and place in prepared pan roomy. Fat side should rest on the bottom of the dish. Recall that this is a traditional Georgian khashlama. The recipe contains all the necessary components. The discharge can spoil the taste of the entire dish, so add more vegetables (e.g., onions, carrots, etc.), replace the lamb with beef or pork, as well as change in random stages of the cooking process is impossible.

The next step is laying in the pan of vegetables. Potatoes cleaned, peeled and in any case not cut. Otherwise it seethe until it looks creamy, and this we cannot have. Only whole potatoes of medium size will provide a unique taste to this dish, as the hashlama. Recipe and more large tubers, if they exist. Potatoes stacked on top of the tomatoes and peppers that will need already pre-cut into pieces not thin. All it is filled with cold water so that potatoes were covered with it up to half.

The dish should simmer on low heat. After that, meat with vegetables, you need to leave for a long time to languish without cover. If you notice that in the process of cooking all the liquid has evaporated, we must first allow the meat to fry lightly in a pan in its own juice. Only after some time you should add water. After expiration of this period the finished lamb with vegetables can be served.

Khashlama is perfect as a main dish for the holiday, which will be attended by men. This is an extremely delicious and spicy treat, in addition to simplicity, will definitely like for its filling properties.