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Recipes of dishes from meat
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The most exotic dishes of the world


For us as Europeans, the most exotic dishes are Asian cuisine. By the way, for Asians – our cuisine is too exotic, and fried potatoes most of them will turn the nose.

First of all it should be noted that such an ingredient in exotic dishes like snake meat. Moreover, the greater variety of poisonous snakes found in the dish, the tastier it is. The taste of Asians, of course. But the most piquant moment in the dinner is that the slightest negligence chefs leads to the death of the taster. Because every cook knows how to cook shrimp for a couple, nowadays everyone knows how much you need to cook the snake meat.

Another poisonous creature, the dishes of which just love the Japanese fish fugu. A dish is very expensive, so not every tourist can afford. The poison of puffer fish is not just deadly, it has no antidote. The most toxic body of the puffer fish is the liver. Ironically, this interesting fact does not diminish the number of people willing to eat her raw. The parade of dozens of gourmet a year when it dies.

In addition to poisonous dishes there are several dishes just unpleasant. In Korea as a snack you can offer a live octopus, or rather, his tentacles. Wriggling legs of a living creature is cut off and put in his mouth. There are cases when moribund remains of octopuses block the breathing holes and dinner a person dies from suffocation.

In Bangkok the most popular is the kebab insects. Everything: bugs, locusts, grasshoppers, maggots, cockroaches and the like, the names of which Russian people and does not know.

Skewers of another kind is prepared in Iran. In some places of this ancient country can offer skewers of young sparrows. Moreover, the assurances of cooks is not only delicious, but also useful: improves brain activity.

From Asia go to America. In Mexico, for dessert, you can offer a black oily mass, similar to cottage cheese. You really want to know what she cooked? It’s ground-up black ants eggs. Ants are deadly poisonous, and if you dish will get at least one of them, the doctors will not help you.

Finally, old Europe. In its center, on the azure coast of Italy you can feed a dish called “rotten cheese”. Sour sheep milk with the addition of live larvae of flies. Be careful eating it, maggots tend to jump out of the plates. The record for the high jump among these larvae has topped the level of 20 centimeters.


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