The most delicious variety of salads
  Do you like salads? I, for one, think that the salad is the best decoration for any table. Many people in our country only prepare salads for the holidays,…

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6 Korean dishes
Copcar Some people, of course, used to eating at home beef tripe or intestine of a pig, but it was the basis for the whole food, well... And, still imagine…

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Salad of green tomatoes for the winter
  Sometimes, when cooking marinated brown, green tomato remains a fruit 5-7 kg. We usually take them with a stock adjusted for damaged or wrinkled tomatoes Nothing to worry about.…

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The most unusual, exotic dish


One of my friends invited me to the restaurant. And said he will book me for a terrific meal. I was intrigued and I agreed.

Ate. It was stunningly delicious. Then he told me that it…. sorry… member of the lamb so I asked the waiter. He confirmed.

I never would have thought that it was so delicious.

Some kind of jellyfish n Cyprus caught-Nitsche delicious (then say it)

skewers of Chow-Chow!  terrible.



um, it was snails, in shells, and watasenia of them and put on a plate made of bread and drizzled some sauce gray (“in its own juice”? OO). the taste is normal, such as soft gum, but then I remembered those pesky tvaruzek after the rain and not eating….

rice with camel meat. It turns out that camel meat is the most environmentally friendly and wholesome, and delicious.

I came somehow to the familiar Korean. On the table a bowl of meat sauce looks like tomato. “Is this meat?” — ask. “Meat,” he says. “But to try ?” “Taste it “. I tried — bone devoured. Was not tomato sauce, pure chili pepper. But I’m tough, for a Nickel copper won’t take. “And the children can take home ?” — telling. “Take” — answers. I took. House wife say, “honey Eat meat”. And she said ” Not Korean?” “The Korean” — I say. And she said in answer: “no, I won’t eat ( like fed, thank you)” the Children there were not. Too spicy dish. So I finished to the end. The whole night was chasing after me the dog. In the morning I feel great went to the Korean. “Hello Cache” — I say. “Hi” Replied the Korean. “You don’t case yesterday the dog fed? “I say. “Dog.” “Why didn’t you say so?”. “And you never asked”

In General, I did not understand at SKUs pork. Then knowing what to eat not once had this rather exotic dish and not greboval. And th grabovci. Meat and meat. On naval service ate and Kamchatka crabs and octopus. Even Stingray once tried. About any other living creatures type of Romanov scallops mussels etc. etc. I’m not talking here about the cow that is scored and laid on storage in army warehouses as much back in 1954. It may not be weird, but we ate it in 1984.

And what about the members: at least lamb and though male, I’ve heard of women painfully eager for meet.