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What to cook on New year

What to cook for New year? Ideas dishes in the year of the monkey

You should first prepare yourself! After all, beautiful hostesses and table perfect. And the second thing you need to think of something to put on the table.

Future 2016 is the Kingdom of the red Fire monkey. Accordingly, the table should capture the originality of nature of this kind of animal. It should be bright, unusual. It must be present light snacks.

Monkey loves comfort, home, family. That’s why this New year is better to meet in a warm friendly and family atmosphere. But don’t forget about the leisure. Unexpected events will make your holiday brighter.

So what to cook on new year’s day 2016?

Here are a few recipes that I would like to advise. The first will be the meat dishes. They have to stand on the table. You can use an inexpensive but tasty option.

Chicken legs with yogurt

For this we need:

a tray of chicken legs;

half a liter of kefir;

seasoning to taste;

lemon, mustard 1 tbsp black pepper and salt.

oil for roasting.

The cooking process:

Wash the meat under running water, razmerchik garlic, squeeze part of a lemon, add all the spices and salt with mustard. Pour yogurt and stir. Put legs and waiting for an hour.

After put in shape, greased and baked in the oven at 200 degrees for one hour. And mouth-watering dish is ready.

The preparation of this dish it is better to do directly to the table for a delicious crust, not BOSH.

Salad “Sea Apple”

Salad would like to suggest a light salad easy to prepare: sea Apple. It came together seemingly incongruous ingredients.

Take apples 3 PCs,

egg 3 PCs.,

a small pack of crab sticks,

cheese 100 gr.

mayonnaise as needed.


The salad is rubbed. Cheese, crab sticks, eggs (and the whites separately from the yolks) on a small grater. The apples are large.

To lay layers: protein, crab sticks, apples, egg yolks.

Each layer coat with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese.

Top can sprinkle yolk or decorate depicted from the yolks banana.

New year salad “Exotic boom”

Monkey from exotic countries, so it is appropriate on the table salad “Exotic boom”. A few expensive ingredients, but it’s worth it.

To prepare you need the following components:



cheese in equal proportions of 300 grams;

eggs 4 PCs.;

green onions;

small tin of pineapple;

2 kiwi;

half a jar of olives;

a small pack of pistachios 150 g;

As well as sour cream, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and vegetable oil.


Boil meat and eggs.

In a pan fry chopped mushrooms and add sour cream and salt and pepper. All this fry until the liquid evaporates.

Cool. While the ingredient is cooled, cut the meat and fruit in small pieces, pistachio razmerchik.

Then form a salad. In principle here the ingredients can be placed in any order without forgetting about flavor combinations of sweet and salty. Most importantly, do not forget to add between 2 layers of pistachios and fluff with mayonnaise.


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