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Recipes of dishes from meat
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Original recipes and quick snacks


They say, “unexpected guests – worse than a Tatar”. But, nevertheless, to treat have and and, as always mistress I want something extraordinary to surprise your guests. To show that the mistress of the house still there. Although it can be simple and easy cutting to make a quickie, but…it’s not so original and not so appetizing.

Appetizer recipe “Fingers “Original”

— 700 – 800 grams of smoked bacon or ham, melted four cheese, four eggs, three to four tablespoons of mayonnaise, three to four cloves of garlic, one jar of olives or pitted black olives, toothpicks.

— smoked bacon slice thinly along the length;

— processed cheese, eggs, chopped garlic, mayonnaise – mix into a homogeneous mass;

— wrap the resulting mass in thinly sliced meat;

— on top of the “fingers” to the toothpicks chop olives.

Sandwiches with herring (prepared within 15 minutes)

Ingredients (based on four servings):

— bread, vegetable oil, one herring, two tablespoons butter, two or three boiled egg yolk, parsley.

— cut the bread triangles (you can just squeeze the stack of slices), fried in vegetable oil (no frying);

clean herring, remove bones, cut into cubes;

— add the softened butter and the yolks of boiled eggs;

— the whole mass mix well and spread on bread.

Top the sandwiches garnish with greens.

— for the preparation of such sandwiches is recommended to select only black bread – the taste is great;

— fry the sliced bread is better only on one side, which will be spreadable mass.

— butter can be replaced and soft spread margarine;

— cleaned herring, before mixing with butter, very good lightly drizzle Apple, and even better grape flavored vinegar.

“Tails” (ready for 30 minutes)

Ingredients (eight servings):

— 300 – 400 grams of minced meat, 4 wafer biscuits, one onion, one clove garlic, one egg, pepper and salt to taste.


— add in minced meat pepper, salt, finely chopped onion and a clove of garlic (crushed) – mix everything;

— spread waffle cake with minced meat up to a thickness of one centimeter. Cover with the second shortcake. Leave for a few minutes to feed and easy threading;

— slice the cakes into small pieces (trading) – you will get “tails”;

— dip each slice in beaten egg and fry in vegetable oil;

— serve the “tails” can be hot or cold.


— minced meat can be bought prepared, but it is better to grind the meat – yet it is clear: what and how much;

meat for stuffing you can use any, but it is recommended not greasy. Can be cooked with assorted meat: beef and pork – delicious;

— before to put “tails” on the pan, it has to be well warmed up – “tails” don’t get drunk of the smell of oil;

— fry the tails and lard, but not desirable in butter or margarine;

— “tails” can be prepared and sweet, with cottage cheese.

Entertain with fun, original, and fast – always a pleasure.