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Meat with mushrooms and cheese


Salad is not the uniform the person is full in the New year, so in addition to salads for new year’s table, I want to offer you several options of hot dishes. When I greeted 2012, I cooked the pork under the pineapples. this year I want something new. So a few days I was walking on culinary forums and was looking for some interesting and simple recipes, mostly paid attention to the recipes of meat dishes .

Irina Garodnya

Meat with mushrooms and cheese

A list of products pork meat – 200-300 grams of Mushrooms (champignons) -100 g Cheese -30 grams Onions – one head Salt, pepper Egg – 1 piece Crackers for breading vegetable Oil for frying

Method of preparation:

Because today I cook meat with mushrooms and cheese on trial, then I will do just 2 servings. From the flesh of pork cut two slices, thickness of about 2-3 centimeters.

In each piece make a deep incision (pocket) the pieces of meat well beat off a hammer. Especially the edges of the pockets, the thinner they are, the easier it will be to chop off the toothpicks.

The meat is rubbed with salt and rod. Today I decided no seasoning to use so as not to interrupt the taste of meat. Pieces of meat put in a bowl, cover with cellophane and put into the fridge. This time the meat is marinated for 1.5 hours, and generally, recently, we began to marinate the meat overnight. Any meat is just amazing.

While the meat is marinating, prepare the stuffing of onions and mushrooms.

Take out the pockets, put them in the mushroom stuffing, from top to put a slice of cheese and close the pockets, saliva their edges with toothpicks.

Then break one egg, add 2 tablespoons milk, and beat well with a fork.

In this mixture dip pieces of meat, then playing them in breadcrumbs, on both sides, and again dipped in the egg.

Send in a hot frying pan roasted. Fry them on both sides for 4-5 minutes on medium heat.

Fried crispy pieces spread on a baking sheet, oiled. Pull out toothpicks. Case it was not easy, barely found them, well, remember how many pieces were in each. Add to the pan a little water and send the meat in the oven, preheated to 180-200 degrees for 40 minutes.

Very tasty meat . however, mushrooms in the pockets is not enough, next time I will do more pieces.


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