Salads vegetable
Carrot salad with asparagus Fresh, delicious, vegetarian and low-calorie salad (calorie content of this salad – 25 calories) asparagus, carrots and celery with a dressing of sesame seed suitable for…

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The simplest
  Sometimes the easiest recipes turn out the most delicious dishes. My fiance, the Greek Jew, is sometimes jokingly says that I love potatoes because all Russians love potatoes. It's…

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What to cook on New year
What to cook for New year? Ideas dishes in the year of the monkey You should first prepare yourself! After all, beautiful hostesses and table perfect. And the second thing…

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Recipes of dishes from meat

Here you can find a lot of recipes of dishes of meat and meat products with  We have created this category of recipes in order to make it easy to navigate to  and find the recipes of the main ingredient for man – meat.

Meat is an integral part of our daily diet and there is nothing that can excite the appetite, not as the wonderful smell of cooked meat balls, cutlets, steaks, chops, rissoles or meatballs…

New year is coming, so prepare in advance the festive recipes of meat dishes on new year 2015!

Meat dishes with  and their preparation

On our  you will find original and unusual meat dishes, the recipes that are pleasing to the eye with its diverse choice.To your attention are presented over a thousand recipes of very different complexity – from simple casual to complex original dishes. Each of these meats intended for certain occasions and events. Crave romance, grasp the chicken Kiev want to surprise your invited guests, prepare braised beef in beer, I dream to please their child, the best option for this would be rabbit stew with thyme. The main thing here is your imagination and wallet size.

Don’t give up if the first prescription for look it seemed complicated and not enforceable. Interested to cook a dish is not difficult, the main thing to calculate the time to cook and stock up on the necessary ingredients.

Often look at our and raduyte their loved ones dishes of meat. The recipes for these delights are in category main dishes.

Allow yourself to enjoy the beautiful moments in the preparation of succulent meat dishes.

Holiday meals

Every day we will add new and delicious recipes of meat.

All the recipes we have carefully selected the world wide web, with numerous culinary  here, on our  we are publishing only the most favourite recipes of dishes from meat. This category usually includes dishes such as: pork, beef, veal and rabbit, from known and mutton and so on. Recipes of meat a great many: bishbarmak, potatoes with meat, dumplings, dumplings, steak, meat in French, eggplant with meat, the dishes in the oven with vegetables, easy and fast dishes of meat with