The most delicious dishes
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A gratin of zucchini with mushrooms
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The most delicious and spicy Chinese cuisine

Cooking seriously. The most popular Chinese spice

To come to China and not to burn your tongue on a tasty chicken or spicy pork? It is simply impossible! Here, everything is flavorful, moderately spiced… Mmm! How not to get lost in the beautiful and alluring world called “Chinese food”? Just practice and spices! It’s time to arm your chopsticks, because we are going to have chicken dishes, pork, beef and tofu.

Spicy chicken Chinese

宫保鸡丁 (Kung Pao Chicken) Chicken “gunbao”

Tasty treat that is made from slices of chicken, peanuts and chili peppers. This combination of flavors, aromas and spices is very spicy, but it is impossible to ignore upon arrival in China!

Marinated pieces of chicken are fried to a crisp with garlic, ginger and chilli. According to the rules, to be eaten only meat, but vegetables remain acute in a bowl. Who wants to risk health and prefer spicy food, can try a few slices of pepper. Spicy! Still, as we warned.

铁板牛肉 (Skillet Beef) Spicy beef

This Chinese dish is not only spicy, but also spectacular. Because it is specially roasted on the iron plate (pan) immediately at the table. Instantly tasty and everyone can get nutritious beef with garlic, onion and green pepper. Skillet Beef – right treat for demonstrations of Chinese Goodies and jokes!

青椒炒牛肉 (Beef with Green Peppers) Beef with green pepper

Anyone who has ever eaten at a Chinese restaurant, knows about the classic beef with green pepper. Its popularity is high even abroad China. That beef with green pepper mean to the Chinese? Yes the same thing for the Americans is the hamburger, for the Russians — or the cake for the British — eggs with bacon. So, to try juicy slices – in to do list of any respectable tourist!

This dish can be found in any Chinese restaurant. If in some establishments no spicy beef with potatoes, just get out! Why do you have the Amateurs? Better to find a restaurant where the chef is fried spicy sliced beef and add to the meat a delicious vegetable. I think that this is a simple stew of potatoes? No! This spicy potato you haven’t tried.

青椒炒肉丝 (Green Pepper Pork Strings) Spicy shredded pork with green pepper

A delicious mix of thinly sliced pork and bell pepper. Have left Chinese cook this dish without spicy green pepper. Want even more? Ask the cook to add fresh and dried peppers (辣椒 加 干).

鱼香肉丝 (Smells Like Fish Pork) Pork, which looks like a fish

No-no, don’t wrinkle your noses! This Sichuan dish is not spoiled. It is sweet, moderately flavored and pleasing to you special mushrooms and green pepper unchanged. If cooked right, it is a feeling that pork is not meat, but a real and tasty fish.

糖醋排骨 (Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs) sweet and Sour pork ribs

Not for nothing is the most delicious meat is by the bone! The Chinese virtuoso cook sweet and sour pork ribs. This dish is also notable for its spiciness and delicious side dish. Want to become a real kitaiskom? Eat Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs with Taro or potatoes.

This sharp Chinese tofu

麻辣豆腐 (Mala Tofu) MAPO Tofu

And again a dish of Szechuan cuisine. To make it, the chef will stir fry the tofu cubes with hot pepper and Chinese coriander. If you cannot tolerate spicy food, this dish is 100% is not for you. This fiery treat is also called mapo tofu.

The most delicious fish starters
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The most delicious and spicy Chinese cuisine
Cooking seriously. The most popular Chinese spice To come to China and not to burn your tongue on a tasty chicken or spicy pork? It is simply impossible! Here, everything…