The most exotic dishes
Apple dishes Apple – fruit, whose value is difficult to overestimate. Throughout Europe it is loved from ancient times: the extent of this love can be judged by how firmly…

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Recipes of dishes from meat
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Salads vegetable
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The most exotic dishes of the planet


Everyone, one way or another, peculiar appetite for the new, the unknown, the exotic. Perhaps for this reason, many domestic tourists, a visit to a distant foreign country, the first thing to inquire about opportunities to participate in any extreme or megaexchange round trip.

Attracts travelers and foreign cuisine, the masterpieces which sometimes plunge into shock even the most daring experimenters.

Among the most “harmless” dishes can be called, for example, smoked slatino and can often be seen in institutions of Italy, or sweet cakes made from… pig’s blood, offered to the visitors for dessert, the restaurants of Taiwan. Sounds a bit scary, but the local population this delicacy enjoys a fantastic popularity.

More exotic compared to the Taiwanese dessert, appetizer looks from the larvae of moths which is, incidentally, the basis of the diet of Australian aborigines. This is no joke, because this food is a unique protein source that in the conditions of the Australian desert this makes the product really valuable. Popular foods from insects and in Bangkok, where they prepare a kind of kebab. In the course are all kinds of creatures – from cockroaches to beetles and larvae and locusts.

And some specialized Chinese restaurants and cafes visitors can offer dishes made from snake meat. By the way, local gourmets claim is the tastiest meat of the snake that managed to hibernate. Having been in such places, guests, newcomers usually takes under an inexpressible experience: in addition to the specified local delicacy in the menu you can find dishes from lizards, raccoons and even porcupines.

Many foodies have certainly heard of a popular and sometimes deadly delicacy, which is prepared from the puffer fish. This creature is poisonous – in fact, from its poison have not found any effective antidote. And still this ancient delicacy of Japanese cuisine among foreigners evokes incredible emotions – admiration, curiosity, enthusiasm and genuine horror. Some brave stops neither exorbitant price overseas dishes, even the risk of mortal danger, which it in itself can conceal. The chef who prepares this dish, just one mistake, the consequences for the brave steel taster without any exaggeration sad. So the land of the Rising sun glorified the whole world not only traditional sushi and rolls, subdued, perhaps, of all civilized countries, and such, to put it mildly, unusual culinary delights.