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Quick and tasty potato dishes
The potato is one of the most common foods, below are some simple and, most importantly, quick recipes cooking. Potato pancakes in Belarusian . The Belarusians, like no other nation,…

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The recipes are delicious and quick salads

Minimum ingredients, minimum time and great food as a result – I guess every woman would dream about this recipe. We offer you the recipes of delicious and quick salads that fit that description. Cooking tasty and quick salads don’t take much time, but they will make a wonderful taste. From the variety of recipes salads these, perhaps, are rather unusual, due to its composition. In addition, these recipes are quite economical and simple to perform, therefore, to prepare a delicious and quick salad can even budding mistress.

What you need to prepare a delicious and quick salad:

Instant noodles – 1 pack,

3 cucumber,

4 tomatoes,

80 g of mayonnaise

1 egg,


How to cook a delicious and quick salad:

Very unusual composition, but this salad is very nutritious. Additionally, the spices that are in the package of instant noodles, make the dish spicy, sharp flavor. Here perfect noodles big Bon or big lunch. We now turn to a step-by-step guide to cooking a fast and delicious salad.

In a bowl put the noodles, spices, season with mayonnaise and mix thoroughly so that under its layer was all the noodles. To soften, it will need about an hour. To prepare a salad for Breakfast and don’t have the time, you can leave the noodles to soften for the night.

After settling, the noodles becomes soft and increases in volume. To cook it crispy, you should reduce your stay in mayonnaise.

Tomatoes wash, embedding the core and chop it in salad. Better if the tomatoes are juicy varieties that the preparation of the dish is formed tomato broth, which will be combined perfectly with the taste of spices.

Cucumbers just, rinse, finely chop and add to salad. If cucumbers are used winking, then be sure to check for the presence of bitterness, and tried cutting off the end that was attached to the stalk. The skin cut is not necessary, except when it’s bitter.

Salad mix thoroughly and add the chopped egg and herbs to taste.

Place on a serving plate and garnish with fresh cucumber wheels. Be consumed immediately, since the salad is not intended for long-term storage, otherwise the noodles will swell even more and begin to fall apart. So, ordinary instant noodles has become quite a delicious and hearty dish that can be a great Breakfast, but his cooking does not require a lot of effort and money.

Bon appetit!

Salad quick – second recipe with crab sticks and mushrooms

Used to do crab salad with eggs and rice? This is not the only recipe of salad of crab sticks. An unusual combination of mushrooms, cheese and crab sticks make the dish very spicy and hearty. To prepare summer salad, designed for four persons, you will need the following ingredients:

– two boiled eggs

three tablespoons of grated hard cheese

– three pieces of marinated carrots

– 100 grams of oyster mushrooms

– 100 grams of crab sticks

– to taste ground black pepper

– four tablespoons of light mayonnaise

How are we going to cook quick and tasty salad with oyster mushrooms and crab sticks.

Crab sticks, pickled carrots and boiled eggs cut into small cubes, then combine the ingredients. Add the oyster mushrooms and mayonnaise, pepper and mix up the salad. For a dish that can be covered by a lettuce leaf, gently spread the crab salad slide, then top with chopped herbs and grated cheese. Cooking time crab salad: twenty minutes. The caloric value of food: average.

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