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Pepper stuffed with meat and rice

All good cooking mood! Do you like sweet pepper? I’ve never really complained, and now I rejoice when summer comes, and finally ripen these wonderful vegetables. Because you can prepare many delicious dishes of pepper . It goes well with other vegetables in salads. gives an unusual taste in borscht, as well as an excellent complement to risotto. But signature summer dish with this vegetable is, of course, stuffed peppers . The recipes of this dishes is really a lot, someone makes a meatless stuffed vegetables, someone bakes the peppers in the oven, and some even preserve for the winter. I will give his own version, which is suitable for consumption by nursing mothers and children: peppers stuffed with meat and rice . And traditionally post the recipe with

We will need:

— peppers (I like yellow) – 1 kg;

— minced meat – 600 g.;

— carrot — 1 PC.;

— onion – 1 big onion;

— rice – 1 Cup;

— condiments, spices;

— salt;

— vegetable oil – 1 tbsp

A little explanation:

The stuffing You can take at your discretion, but I prefer grade-a beef your own cooking, since it is the most the juicy and not too greasy due to the presence of beef. But a hand made it 100 times tastier than a takeaway. With ground chicken is less oily and dry version, although the taste stuffed pepper is also very personal.


1. Cube onions from the husk, cut into small cubes. Carrots too clean and grate on a coarse grater.

2. In a heated pan pour vegetable oil, onion passeruem, then run the carrots and fry a little (not Iriarte!). You can add a spoonful of tomato paste.

3. Wash the rice several times under cold running tap water. I’ve seen recipes where the rice we recommend to cook until soft. But I usually never do. Yes and the point? It is perfectly cooked in pepper, if it’s properly stuff (see section 5).

4. Mix the meat with rice and fries. Now is the time to add salt and spices. The first  you can see a jar of spices, here I used a seasoning for chicken TM “Pripravka”. Very enjoyable it turns out the taste of any meat dishes.

5. Now stuffing our peppers. Here is the main trick, without knowledge of which rice simply will not be cooked inside the pepper. Remember, pepper hammered the stuffing is not tight! Oh, and leave a little space at the top, because the rice tends to increase in volume during cooking. I’ll tell you a secret: I love it when lots of toppings (although I’ve said before, when preparing pizza ), so often fill the pepper to the edge

6. Putting our stuffed peppers in the pot, pour water to slightly cover the contents, and put on to cook. After boiling to the time the pepper of medium size need about 40 minutes. If the peppers are larger, then time, respectively, will need more. By the way, water also will need to season with salt.


After stuffing more extra stuffing? Correct! Add a little potato starch, roll balls and in the freezer. What good meatballs to soup turned out!