6 Korean dishes
Copcar Some people, of course, used to eating at home beef tripe or intestine of a pig, but it was the basis for the whole food, well... And, still imagine…

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Pepper stuffed with meat and rice
All good cooking mood! Do you like sweet pepper? I've never really complained, and now I rejoice when summer comes, and finally ripen these wonderful vegetables. Because you can prepare…

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The simplest
  Sometimes the easiest recipes turn out the most delicious dishes. My fiance, the Greek Jew, is sometimes jokingly says that I love potatoes because all Russians love potatoes. It's…

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Quick and tasty potato dishes

The potato is one of the most common foods, below are some simple and, most importantly, quick recipes cooking.

Potato pancakes in Belarusian .

The Belarusians, like no other nation, appreciate and love French fries. But these potato pancakes are not difficult! You’ll need about 10 medium potatoes, 1-2 tbsp flour, salt, pepper, cumin, vegetable oil, and a small piece of salted fat. Potatoes, pre-clearing, to grate on a fine grater, drain the liquid from the dish as it accumulates, later add flour, cumin, salt and pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly. In a heated pan with vegetable oil spread the mass in portions and fry on medium heat until ready. As real Belarusian potato pancakes should be served with cracklings, in parallel in a second pan fry the slices of bacon with onion. Put pork chops and potato pancakes on a plate, which can be decorated with parsley or dill. The dish is ready!

Easier this dish can only be thoughtlessly pan-seared potatoes. You will need potatoes, eggs (in the ratio: three large potatoes one egg), vegetable oil, salt, bread crumbs, sour cream. Boil potatoes, RUB on a small grater, add eggs and mix. The mixture is divided into patties and roll in breadcrumbs, fry until Golden brown. Serve with sour cream.

Note: these meatballs, of course, perfectly combined with sour cream, but if you have a little more time, you can make them with fried mushrooms, the potato and mushrooms go together perfectly. You just have to slice the onions, throw in the pan, it’s time to slice the mushrooms (the size of the pieces depends on your preference). When the onion is Golden brown add the chopped mushrooms, season with salt. Keep in mind that the salt will cause the mushrooms to give up all the moisture, resulting in volume decrease three times. When the mushrooms are almost done, add sour cream and fry on low heat for another 5 minutes. You’ve got a great potato patties and fried with sour cream mushrooms, from which you receive a truly indescribable pleasure!

Potato salad with walnuts .

This dish is not exactly traditional, but foodies will find it very interesting! All you need: 4-5 boiled potatoes, a handful of hazelnuts, herbs (dill, parsley, Basil or other according to your preference), salt, pepper, sugar, mayonnaise and yogurt (you can use yogurt to the dressing was thick) that you need to mix 1:1. Potatoes chopped into cubes, walnuts fry in a pan or in the microwave, to break in pieces, greens finely chop. Mix in a bowl the potatoes, nuts and greens, add the dressing, salt and pepper. A little sugar will help to focus the flavor on the nuts and milk to the dressing of this salad. Bon appetit