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The most exotic dishes

Apple dishes

Apple – fruit, whose value is difficult to overestimate. Throughout Europe it is loved from ancient times: the extent of this love can be judged by how firmly it entered the mythology of various peoples. The most established of the images – the “rejuvenating apples”, the history of which can be found in ancient Greek and Scandinavian myths, and in Russian fairy tales. In our day science has confirmed what the ancients were convinced: “Who eats an Apple a day, he goes to the doctors”, says a famous English proverb. Of course, this statement is slightly exaggerated, but the effectiveness of apples in slowing the aging process, cancer prevention, regulation of metabolism and increase the level of hemoglobin has been proved. And the best part is that the use of such “drugs” brings pure pleasure!

Apple dishes – it is, above all, drinks, desserts and pastries, from the simple to the exquisitely complex. The most popular type of cake made from apples – Apple pie . The basic recipe for this cake is extremely simple, and you can easily modify it as you wish, adding to the dough sour cream or cream, mixing apples with other fruits or berries, etc.

Favorite dessert of all adults and children – baked Apple. This diet snack also provides a lot to the imagination: you can cook the apples stuffed with cottage cheese , apples baked with cranberries. fill with fruit mixed with honey nuts and dried fruits, etc. Go to the picnic, along with barbecue and sausage to cook the apples baked on the coals. which will be either an original side dish to meat or dish for dessert.

If you are an experienced cook and tidy, do not hesitate: the best demonstration of your skill will serve as a Viennese strudel. Under the thin puff pastry hiding sweet Apple filling with nuts and raisins, the cake exudes a subtle aroma of cinnamon and almonds. Put powdered sugar strudel for the holiday table – and your whole family will be ecstatic!

From apples, juicy and sweet, very good to cook the compote. Their taste is in perfect harmony with the taste of almost any fruit, so you can cook, for example, juice from apples and cherries , red currant and apples , apples and tangerines , juice-cuts “At all” .

The apples add a special flavor and alcoholic drinks. During the cold season, a warming fruit punch. which will brighten up the gloomy autumn or snowy winter nights and hot summer – a refreshing sangria .

Fruit and vegetable salads also often can not do without apples. The classic sweet salad made of apples and carrots and walnuts I love all, especially the children – prepare them for this delicious source of vitamins. If you want to use a more unexpected combination of products, prepare a salad or Italian salad for beauty. that will charge your body with lot of nutrients that will give your skin a fresh appearance and youthfulness, and fitness and health.

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