Beer snacks
Beer snacks - recipes A glass of delicious and refreshing beer will become relevant very soon, with the coming of warm days. But in order not to limit the range…

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The most exotic dishes of the world
  For us as Europeans, the most exotic dishes are Asian cuisine. By the way, for Asians – our cuisine is too exotic, and fried potatoes most of them will…

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The most exotic dishes
Apple dishes Apple – fruit, whose value is difficult to overestimate. Throughout Europe it is loved from ancient times: the extent of this love can be judged by how firmly…

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The most delicious meat dishes in a slow cooker


What to cook for dinner? This question probably was asked many Housewives. I want to make something easy, simple but at the same time hearty. Ideal – meat dishes. In a slow cooker you can prepare without much hassle. This useful kitchen assistant will choose the desired temperature and the optimal time.

Recipes of dishes from pork


Washed in water and dried pork cut into small pieces. Stew the meat in the “baking” for about thirty minutes, adding vegetable oil. Then fold in the flour and fry the pork for another ten minutes to crisp. Carrot grate, onion cut into rings. Put the vegetables in the slow cooker. Sauté them for about ten minutes in the “Baking”, and then fold in the paprika. Chop the tomatoes into cubes. Together with tomato paste add to basic ingredients. There also pour water, add salt, Bay leaf and pepper. Dishes of meat in a slow cooker, usually prepare about one hour. You just need to enable the “suppression”. Dish sprinkle with herbs. Serve with rice.

Pork with potatoes

Ingredients: 500 grams of meat, salt, a kilo of peeled potatoes, onions, spices and vegetable oil.

Dishes of meat in a slow cooker turn out very hearty and delicious. The proof is this the recipe. So, peel the onion and finely chop it. To reduce the amount of starch, soak for half an hour in the water the potatoes. Meat cut into pieces and fry together with onions in slow cooker for about thirty minutes, clicking on the “Baking”. Then add cut into several pieces the potatoes. Add spices, salt. In the same mode put out a dish for another forty or fifty minutes. Bon appetit!

Dishes from chicken meat

Chicken in sour cream

Ingredients: chicken, three onions, salt, 200 g sour cream, spices for chicken, Bay leaf, dill, vegetable oil.


Thoroughly clean the chicken and cut it into portions pieces. In the “Baking” with the lid closed will stew the meat for about forty minutes, adding the vegetable oil. Periodically agitate the hen. Then add onion cut into half rings. Mix well and cook for ten minutes. Then salt the meat, sprinkle it with spices and pour the sour cream. Again all mix well, add Bay leaves and pepper and stew the meat in the “Extinguishing” (“Milk porridge”) for about thirty minutes.

Chicken wash, cut into pieces, cook for thirty minutes in the mode “Frying”, adding butter. Peel and finely chop the carrot and onion. Put the vegetables into the meat, and simmer for fifteen minutes. Then add all the required seasonings, including salt. Rinse buckwheat and place it to the chicken. Pour into a container two multistone drinking water. Turn on the mode “Stewing”. Usually meat in the slow cooker ready in forty minutes. Bon appetit!

The ideas are interesting meat dishes
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The most expensive dishes
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