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What a delicious dinner

What can you cook delicious dinner? — the eternal question many women! And to answer it we need daily, because we eat every day! Here are some ideas that can easily and quickly bring your circuit to life.

Lunch time for eating elaborate dishes. By this time our body is already unwound its metabolism and is able to easily cope with heavy or exotic food. Therefore this collection will not consist of a light meal.

Burgers and meatballs

Let’s start with the cutlets. You can make as regular meatballs, and chicken Kiev, or exotic, but you can do meatballs. It’s all in your imagination. Just know that whatever it was, the meat is the strongest source of energy, so don’t forget to cook his family (if you’re not a vegetarian).


A great choice for lunch is a casserole: meat, vegetable, curd. It is very easy to prepare, does not require much time and turns out really delicious. The basic principle of preparation: wash the ingredients clean, gently stir and put in molds. The form put in the oven, and during this time, you can quickly cut the salad and set the table.


Since childhood we are told that you should eat entrees, often without worrying about how to really instill a love and adoration for him. Sweet love all, but with soups for some reason most people. However, the situation can be corrected even at home. Unusual to cook cream soups and decorate them with croutons and sauces or to cook national dishes, but with its own original twist.

Baked chicken

To the category of delicious, nutritious and simple meals also include baked chicken. Preparing it is really not difficult, but the portions are large and delicious, family or friendly company. Turns out you can bake the chicken and prepare the simple side dish and your dinner is ready.

Serious dishes with meat

Serious meat is beef, pork, lamb. Basically, these dishes are fried or baked and they need enough time to prepare. Therefore, among the recipes you need to select not only the most delicious but also the most simple. If your loved ones want to eat, even the tastiest delicacy to them, don’t want to wait, so take care of their appetite and your nerves and choose meals easier. On weekend when nobody is in a hurry, you can cook something special.

Pasties home

Homemade pasties for lunch? – Easily! In fact they are not as difficult to cook as many think, but the dish is very nutritious and suitable for the whole family. Brew a few times and you will get the hang of cooking them quickly. In addition to cook pasties right before eating, then they already taste good. Here’s our recipe for pasties .


Cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms and many other vegetables not eat dinner, because they are quite heavy, but at lunch at the time. Experiment with vegetable dishes, even if you not really liking them. Vegetables is beneficial and cannot be neglected. To choose a few corona tasty vegetable dishes and encourage your loved ones to them. For example: baked cauliflower with cheese. potatoes with mushrooms in the hole. kruchenyky with mushrooms and buckwheat .