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Two vegetarian cutlets recipe from oatmeal


Probably every vegetarian at least once in life was the bait nostalgically-minded demon of inertia of thinking, and was taken secretly to miss the taste of meat dishes. Most likely, your body just needed the protein (by the way, to meet this need may well be dishes of lentils ).

And the solution to this problem should be simple and beautiful. Live somehow hundreds of generations of Tibetan monks, in principle, not consuming animal protein! From these reflections the idea of a series of recipes for meals similar to meat in taste and texture, but at the same time conform to the principle of “I do not eat anybody”.

The first is the recipe meatball oatmeal. The dish is evaluated and approved by the most demanding audience – my three young foodies. It turned out that the taste and “bite” quite well reminiscent of chicken cutlets.

Cakes “Oatmeal chicken”

1.5 cups of cereal “Hercules”;

2 tbsp semolina (no slides);

from 200 to 300 ml water or vegetable broth;

2 onions;



spice mix for chicken;


vegetable oil.

The cereal mix up with semolina, pour in a large bowl and pour hot water or broth (start with 200 ml and then discover dry – add).

While the infused flakes, peel, chop and fry in vegetable oil onion.

Onion add to cereal, sprinkle it over the mixture of spices for chicken, try and doolim-paperchem to taste.

Knead the mince well, add fluid if needed.

Wet hands can make cakes, zapanirovat in breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil until a beautiful brown.

If you want to Tinker, you can build even chicken Kiev. The stuffing need to do together, inside the chops, tuck a bar of margarine, suitable for use in a post, with a creamy taste, pairwise in bread crumbs and fry as usual.

Cakes can be made and “fish”. It would be sufficient to replace the spice mixture to the chicken mixture on the fish, and add in a small amount of soaked and finely cut nori seaweed (for sushi).

But here are the cakes with the taste of beef will have to make a separate recipe.

If you want to learn how to cook not only meat no meat, but fish and without fish, recipe here .

Cakes of oatmeal “Meat”

Portobello is my favorite vegetarian “meat” variety of mushrooms. You will not find, not scary, ordinary mushrooms and any other fresh mushrooms with not too pronounced mushroom taste is fine.

1.5 cups of cereal;

100 ml of water;


4 pieces of mushrooms or the same quantity of mushrooms Portobello;

clove of garlic;

seasoning for kebabs or mixture of spices;

ground cumin – a pinch;

salt, pepper – to your taste;

breadcrumbs or flour for breading.

Zaparivat “Hercules” hot water.

Onion finely chop and fry, but you can just grate.

Mushrooms skip through Mincer.

In a bowl mix oatmeal, mushrooms, onions, passed through press the garlic and spices. Stir, taste, add salt if needed.

Sculpt with wet hands cutlets, dip them in breadcrumbs or in flour, fry in skillet in butter until Golden brown.

Not dense stuffing can thicken with a spoon of semolina, or breadcrumbs, or crushed bread crumbs not flour.

Feeding the patties, pour the barbecue sauce – it will strengthen the “meat” taste.

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