The most delicious variety of salads
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Meat dishes
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The most delicious "street" meals of peace
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Prepare exotic meals at home

Prepare exotic meals at home

If you want to cook chicken wings in Chinese, you will need a few ingredients:

– Chicken wings – 500 g.

– Honey – three tablespoons

– Soy sauce – one third Cup

– Mushrooms – 300 gr.

– Vegetable oil without smell – a third of a Cup

– Onions – 1 medium onion.

– Ginger – 1 piece.

– Ground black pepper.

Chicken wings need a singe on the fire, rinse and dry. Notching the joints, so that when cooking the wings not his neck. Each wing RUB black pepper and coat with the honey. Honey is better to melt in a water bath to better went. In a pan heat oil and quickly fry the wings to a beautiful color, place them to the side. The root of ginger cut into slices, chop the onion half-rings. Mushrooms to clean and slice too.

In the same oil, fry the mushrooms and onions, laying on the stage – ginger, mushrooms, onions. Spread remaining honey on top, chicken wings, pour the soy sauce and simmer on low heat under a lid for about thirty minutes. If you need to add boiled water.

Spicy condiment “Spark”

Korean kitchen.

Seasoning gives any dish a special flavor, pungency and aroma. Many already, and can’t imagine my Desk without mustard, ketchup or adzhika. To cook original Korean seasoning is very simple, and it lasts for a long time. Only need be careful with new types of seasonings, because if you have health problems, then your liver may not cope with the new experience exotic.

We will need:

– Hot red pepper – 1 packet.

– Garlic – 2 heads.

– Vegetable oil without smell – 1 Cup.

Peel the garlic and squeeze it into the dry bowl. Pour back the same red pepper. Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan until smoke and very carefully pour into a bowl, quickly stir and set aside to cool. The oil acquires a bright orange shade. This seasoning goes well with meat dishes, sausages, jellied meat. But it is very spicy, be careful.

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