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The most delicious variety of salads


Do you like salads? I, for one, think that the salad is the best decoration for any table. Many people in our country only prepare salads for the holidays, and I think this is wrong – delicious salad will decorate the holiday table, and everyday. Want to cook delicious and varied salads? I offer you a few tips that will help you to prepare the most delicious salads available to all us ingredients!

1. Use for cooking salad only ceramic, glass or enameled ware.

2. If You prepare salads from the vegetables, chop the main ingredients of the recipe depending on the density of their tissue, the denser the tissue of vegetables, the finer the cut.

3. Cut and clean the vegetables, cooked for the salad, just before start to prepare the dish.

4. Adding vegetables to your salad don’t combine warm and cold vegetables, salad will spoil faster.

5. Vegetables for salads it is better to cook in their skins, so they are better preserved vitamins.

6. It is very important to prepare salads just before serving.

7. If you are preparing a salad of beets and other vegetables, first refill oil sliced beets: so it will retain its color and will color the other vegetables.

8. As salad dressings in addition to sour cream or mayonnaise can use vegetable oil. It is recommended to add, after mixing with sugar, vinegar, pepper and salt, but there are plenty of recipes in which vegetable oil is used in pure form.

9. Salad with mayonnaise and salad will be more tasty, if before eating them to put a lemon peel or add a little lemon juice.

10. The salad smelled of garlic, you can RUB a salad bowl.

11. In a salad with tomatoes do not want to add lemon juice or vinegar, can deteriorate taste.

12. Seasoning with spices and sauces will improve the taste of Your culinary masterpiece, but also will protect the vitamin from destruction. The fat that is contained in the sauces coats the thin film pieces of vegetables.

13. Wilted lettuce can be refreshed, having had it for about 15 minutes in warm water.

14. In the warm season in salads, you can add dandelion leaves, nettles and sorrel. Dandelion leaves for salads it is better to collect in the spring, later they develop bitterness. It is better to collect gently green, young leaves, and then freeze them. Sorrel is also better to freeze – it is stored poorly.

15. Any salad will look prettier if you add colorful vegetables and herbs. Particularly relevant in this case is to buy Bulgarian pepper different colors – it will give any salad a festive look.

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