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Fat is a universal, multifunctional, environmentally friendly product, is an indispensable party table all peoples of the world from ancient times to our time. After reading this book you will…

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Salad of green tomatoes for the winter
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Meat dishes
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Low-calorie dishes made with exotic ingredients


Sometimes homemade food in the literal sense of “boring” and seems boring. Because of this, the hands themselves drawn to fast food or “Goodies” with a high sugar content.

The meal cannot be made into routine. Dishes should not only absorb, but also to enjoy them. This will help, for example, a variety of ingredients. Add some exotic to the everyday menu. And the process of weight loss and diet this is not a hindrance.

Vadim Alekseevich Kasatkin

psychotherapist, reflexologist, specialist of the Association “VITA CENTER”

Low-calorie dishes with exotic ingredients

Treat yourself to delicious and healthy food with exotic components. This will not only bring variety in your diet. Such dishes will help to prepare for the change of power, if you are going during the holidays to visit other countries. But even if you don’t plan to soon leave the city, it’s nice just to dream with a tropical cocktail in hand, right?

Smoothie — tasty, healthy, elegant

Desserts tropical fruit is a real treat for the sweet tooth. You can prepare meals very low in sugar, and still get a delicious treat, a real vitamin cocktail. One of the most simple and tasty options is a smoothie (chilled dessert made from chopped fruits and berries with addition of yoghurt, juice or other components). It is important to remember the caloric content of this dish will depend not only the fruit but also from additional ingredients.

Kiwi 2 PCs.

1/3 pineapple pieces.

lemon 1 PCs.

1 tbsp fructose

a few ice cubes.

Method of preparation:

Lemon peel and films, to retrieve the stone. Kiwi and pineapple cut into slices. Fold fruit and ice in a blender, add fructose and whisk at high speed.


100 gram = 28 Kilocalories

Flounder, baked with zucchini

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of marine fish. It contains many useful trace elements. For example, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur. Sea fish helps to combat iodine deficiency in the body. And, you can cook lower-calorie meals than meat. The range is on counters now, so you can pick low-fat types of fish for every taste. Taste and enjoy!

Fillet of sea fish (flounder), 300 g

zucchini / courgettes, 200 g

olive oil, 20 g

salt to taste

and food foil.

Method of preparation:

Zucchini, wash and slice, flounder on the part of the cut is not necessary. Put in a foil the fish, add the zucchini, drizzle with olive oil. Salt to taste. Wrap it all in the form of candy. Place in the oven for 7 — 10 min. the Temperature of 200-220 degrees.


100 grams = 98 Calories

Don’T FORGET: to try new products with caution! What kiwi or herring not cause you allergic reactions, doesn’t mean it’s not mango or marine fish you have not tried.