The recipes are delicious and quick salads
Minimum ingredients, minimum time and great food as a result – I guess every woman would dream about this recipe. We offer you the recipes of delicious and quick salads…

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Recipes of different delicious salads holiday
1. Lamb salad (you can make Goat) (smoked meat, garlic, pickles, potatoes, eggs, greens, mayonnaise) 2. Salad with beef Tongue (boiled tongue, cheese, fresh tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, mayonnaise, garlic, herbs,…

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The most delicious variety of salads
  Do you like salads? I, for one, think that the salad is the best decoration for any table. Many people in our country only prepare salads for the holidays,…

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What cook on weekends

What cook on weekends (ideas and recipes)

Today is Friday, which means weekend approaching. This is the time when you: first, sleep. And on Monday back to work. Just kidding, there are other things that can and need to do on the weekend. During the week rarely get to cook something special. In the morning there’s only an hour before leaving for work, and in the evening: well, if the husband will cook, then after work at once to eat and to be creative. And if not, then on an empty stomach anything creative is not being written.

Recipes some treats on the weekend

At the weekend a good meal dumplings cooked in a double boiler. Just on the weekends to cook them enough time. You can slowly wind the good homemade stuffing, putting into it a little more onion for juiciness.

On Sunday, cook a large pot of nourishing red borscht with beets. I have detailed instructions for the preparation of delicious soup step by step. With the recipe you can experiment as you like it — chicken soup is to take the pork chops, you can substitute the meat with mushrooms and beans. In the end, will be the diet vegetable dish vegetarian soup that can be eaten during fasting.

I really like the weekend to start baking. One of my favorites was the recipe for carrot cake . which is very easy to turn into a real cake, decorating the surface of any cream. This cake rises well and very quickly eaten

Not to mention, not sweet pies. Our family favorites were fish cakes. I love baking both open and closed pies with a fish. Be sure to see the recipe with catfish. and an indoor fish pie with salmon. On the weekends it is especially nice to bake a hearty fish pie with a soft crust and to please their loved ones this homemade yummy.

My husband is on a Friday or on the weekend asking for him to bake a pizza . Yes I like to eat this delicious Italian dish! What are the only pizzas I have not tried to cook — thin-crust and curvy, with meat and vegetable, with sweet fruit and savoury filling, there was even a fish pizza! Our most favorite is a tomato pizza Margherita with mozzarella and Basil and Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and mushrooms. Very tasty classic pizza with ham and tomatoes, and vegetable vegetarian pizza .

And here are my ideas for tomorrow. First: soup with seafood. We cooked mushroom soup with potatoes. and the experiment was very successful. I hope that the upcoming soup will be no worse. And I want yourself to make khinkali — a Georgian dish, reminiscent of juicy dumplings. only clung tightly, and cook in the broth. But we will still cook in a double boiler. So, your ideas are also accepted.