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The most expensive dishes


Speaking about the most expensive food. many people first of all think about the dishes of foie Gras and truffles, the cost of which comes to $ 16,000. But not only for fatty goose liver and rare mushrooms are paying a lot of money gourmets all over the world (and some of the dishes are much more expensive aforementioned delicacies).

Caviar “Almas”

This Golden white Beluga caviar comes from Iran selling for $25000, it is so rare and valuable that the queue for the purchase of this delicacy has already painted for some years forward. Eastern caviar is packaged in jars made of gold of the highest standard that also affects the price. By the way, the lighter the caviar, the more it costs. The lighter the caviar is harvested from Beluga old, age which can be up to 100 years.

Yubari Melon

Even the sweetest melons, brought from warm Tajikistan, does not compare in taste with Japanese Yubari melon. Grown in soil with volcanic ash, melon has a thin skin, perfectly smooth round shape, and a unique sweet pulp. There is such a Japanese delicacy about 12 thousand dollars apiece.

Watermelon Densuke

Compete with melons can and the other a native of Japan – watermelon Densuke. In many respects a huge cost due to the appearance of expensive berries as the taste Densuke no different from the normal taste of their striped counterparts. The exceptional black skin, rare watermelon are estimated at $ 6,000 apiece.

Curry “Slumdog Millionaire”

In honor of the release of the acclaimed film about a poor Indian guy who became a millionaire, was cooked curry for $3200. The composition of this dish included a very traditional curry products – black caviar, Scottish lobster, truffles, etc. a significant role in pricing is played and edible gold leaves were cooked for curry.

Edible gold

Not only in status add curry gold. And although for many this metal is associated exclusively with jewelry, for several years the most eminent chefs in the world are adding gold to their dishes. Yes, usually this metal is not suitable for food, but “chip” is here a different treatment. After purification from various impurities, the gold is rolled into a very thin layer, the thickness is only 0.08 microns, 1000 microns is 1 millimeter. 5 cm 2 such gold is $ 25.


This hearty omelette for Breakfast every day eat thousands of Italians, but only the Frittata, served in one of American restaurants in new York, is $ 1000 per serving. Despite a simple set of ingredients (caviar, eggs, and crayfish meat), the dish is quite popular among wealthy connoisseurs.

“Frozen Haute Chocolate”

Lovers of Frittata for 1000 dollars can feel like beggars, as in the restaurants of new York and served a more expensive dish of ice cream “Frozen Haute Chocolate”, at a cost able to compete with the cost of the Iranian caviar ($25000). Make this ice cream 3 dozen varieties of cocoa beans. Decorate cold delicacy chocolate truffles and whipped cream.

“Kopi Luwak”

“Kopi Luwak”, which can be bought for $ 400, is made from regular coffee, passing a long way of treatment. Here only this treatment is not quite normal – the coffee beans are brought to the condition in the stomach of the Indonesian palm-marten.

Dark chocolate from USA

Knipschildt is a small American confectionery, chocolate confectionery which is famous in the world. The cost of one small truffle, crafted from whipped cream, dark chocolate and other ingredients, up to 250 dollars, while the shelf life of this sweet delicacy in just 5 days.

The most expensive dishes
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