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A gratin of zucchini with mushrooms

A gratin of zucchini with mushrooms – a perfect supper for slim waist

Hello dear friends, if you watch your figure, a gratin of zucchini with mushrooms will be perfect for you dinner. Due to the low calories, only 27 calories per 100 g, zucchini is one of the most popular vegetables in weight loss diets. How many dishes can be done, the choice is huge.

Now young zucchini are already selling at markets and supermarkets. By the way, and what dish you prepare the first young zucchini? I used them just used to fry slices and eat with sour cream and garlic, and now as soon as the first time I buy zucchini, then cook a casserole. Impossible to resist, and why, because this dish only benefit, low-calorie and cooked in an instant.

How to cook a gratin of zucchini with mushrooms


Zucchini – 550 grams ( I had 2 PCs)

Onions – 1 medium head

Hard cheese – 100-150 gr

Mushrooms — 300 gr

2 eggs

1-2 tomatoes

4 tbsp flour ( no slides, if you take a slide with, I think, enough for two)

0,5 teaspoon of baking powder

2 cloves of garlic

Vegetable oil for frying 1-2 tbsp

Salt and ground black pepper to taste, greens


Onions cut in small cubes, mushrooms slices. First fry a little onion in vegetable oil, then added the mushrooms and fry all together another 5 minutes.

I washed the zucchini and rubbed it on a coarse grater, the juice is not pressed. Greens ( I had spring onions), finely sliced, garlic crushed with a knife, added to the zucchini. The eggs were fluffed in a blender and also sent to the zucchini, added salt, ground black pepper, baking powder, flour and mushrooms and onions. All is well stirred.

The form greased with vegetable oil and poured the mixture ( the consistency as it turned sour, between liquid and thick). The tomatoes cut in fine slices and put in a casserole. Cheese rubbed on a coarse grater, sprinkle the top and sent for squash casserole in a preheated 180 C oven for 30 minutes ( don’t forget to repeat, above all, focus on your oven, you know her better than I do).

The crust on my casserole of zucchini was a bit fried, just because I turned off the oven and left it there for 10 minutes, if you want the cheese wore on, then remove the casserole immediately turn off the oven.

A gratin of zucchini with mushrooms was very juicy, the juice that I have left and a small amount of flour. It is best to eat it chilled, and then cut it much easier. For us women, this is the perfect dinner, but the man can be offered in addition to the casserole, salad with meat and pancakes. then all will be satisfied. I have another easy dinner is pancakes from cabbage and buckwheat. easily and quickly, I advise you to look at. And today we prepared another great dish from vegetable marrows, sign up for updates and the recipe will be in your mailbox. I am going to say goodbye and wish you Bon appetit and see you soon.