10 most beautiful dishes of the world
  1. Some Establishments, Restaurant (Errenteria, Spain) The dish: "Red fruit from the garden" some establishments, head Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz took several years of experimentation to create this bubble…

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Hot snacks for the New year
Lovers of traditional meat dishes will surely appreciate mouthwatering appetizer "Chicken breast in a wrapper". Necessary ingredients: small chicken breast, cleaned from skin - 5 PCs grated Parmesan - 2,5…

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Prepare exotic meals at home
Prepare exotic meals at home If you want to cook chicken wings in Chinese, you will need a few ingredients: - Chicken wings - 500 g. - Honey – three…

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Argentinean cuisine


For example, the most common types of ice cream in only 20-30 Argentina. Probably much more,only the Argentinians loyal to favorite types, so just absorb them. In the restaurant you will also have a small selection. But they say that flour — choose from hundreds of options. In Argentina you will not face such a problem, it’s pretty simple and predictable.

The national dish of Argentina is asado. The so-called special recipe of cooking meat, which is considered one of the oldest in the records of the Argentine cuisine. For cooking charcoal, iron bars, bricks and meat.

Meat cooked on the grill — here is what the Argentines are so proud of. But for sure they know the special secret, since the dish has a refined taste and sophisticated aroma.

No wonder the Argentines claim that in their country the biggest cows and steaks. Perhaps it is because it is what fed steak here is excellent. However, it is surprising that Argentina ranks second on the eating of beef in the world, is not worth it.

The grill is a very common way cooking. There are a huge number of small restaurants (“parillada”) that offer any of the products grilled.

The fish is prepared to suit all tastes — fried, boiled, stuffed, pickled, in all shapes and sizes — anything you want! Catch primarily small shrimp, oysters, squid, trout, and of them prepare fish dishes.

Argentine cuisine is famous for its tea “mate”. Here it is drunk at any time of the day. It is paradoxical but true: the Argentines too much respect, not coffee, but here coffee shop on every corner. And all because the tourism in Argentina is a priority area of activity, and the soul traveler — darkness for local shopkeepers. So one tries to please everyone indiscriminately.

Alcoholic beverages one should try the amazing red wines of local production. Few who have not heard about the sorts of “Torrontes” and “Malbec”. Also in Argentina do excellent rum, gin and whiskey, but they do not have the status of internationally beloved — so has developed historically.