Low-calorie dishes made with exotic ingredients
  Sometimes homemade food in the literal sense of "boring" and seems boring. Because of this, the hands themselves drawn to fast food or "Goodies" with a high sugar content.…

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The recipes are delicious and quick salads
Minimum ingredients, minimum time and great food as a result – I guess every woman would dream about this recipe. We offer you the recipes of delicious and quick salads…

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Original recipes and quick snacks
  They say, "unexpected guests – worse than a Tatar". But, nevertheless, to treat have and and, as always mistress I want something extraordinary to surprise your guests. To show…

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What cook on weekends

What cook on weekends (ideas and recipes)

Today is Friday, which means weekend approaching. This is the time when you: first, sleep. And on Monday back to work. Just kidding, there are other things that can and need to do on the weekend. During the week rarely get to cook something special. In the morning there’s only an hour before leaving for work, and in the evening: well, if the husband will cook, then after work at once to eat and to be creative. And if not, then on an empty stomach anything creative is not being written.

Recipes some treats on the weekend

At the weekend a good meal dumplings cooked in a double boiler. Just on the weekends to cook them enough time. You can slowly wind the good homemade stuffing, putting into it a little more onion for juiciness.

On Sunday, cook a large pot of nourishing red borscht with beets. I have detailed instructions for the preparation of delicious soup step by step. With the recipe you can experiment as you like it — chicken soup is to take the pork chops, you can substitute the meat with mushrooms and beans. In the end, will be the diet vegetable dish vegetarian soup that can be eaten during fasting.

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The most expensive dishes


Speaking about the most expensive food. many people first of all think about the dishes of foie Gras and truffles, the cost of which comes to $ 16,000. But not only for fatty goose liver and rare mushrooms are paying a lot of money gourmets all over the world (and some of the dishes are much more expensive aforementioned delicacies).

Caviar “Almas”

This Golden white Beluga caviar comes from Iran selling for $25000, it is so rare and valuable that the queue for the purchase of this delicacy has already painted for some years forward. Eastern caviar is packaged in jars made of gold of the highest standard that also affects the price. By the way, the lighter the caviar, the more it costs. The lighter the caviar is harvested from Beluga old, age which can be up to 100 years.

Yubari Melon

Even the sweetest melons, brought from warm Tajikistan, does not compare in taste with Japanese Yubari melon. Grown in soil with volcanic ash, melon has a thin skin, perfectly smooth round shape, and a unique sweet pulp. There is such a Japanese delicacy about 12 thousand dollars apiece.

Watermelon Densuke

Compete with melons can and the other a native of Japan – watermelon Densuke. In many respects Continue reading

A gratin of zucchini with mushrooms

A gratin of zucchini with mushrooms – a perfect supper for slim waist

Hello dear friends, if you watch your figure, a gratin of zucchini with mushrooms will be perfect for you dinner. Due to the low calories, only 27 calories per 100 g, zucchini is one of the most popular vegetables in weight loss diets. How many dishes can be done, the choice is huge.

Now young zucchini are already selling at markets and supermarkets. By the way, and what dish you prepare the first young zucchini? I used them just used to fry slices and eat with sour cream and garlic, and now as soon as the first time I buy zucchini, then cook a casserole. Impossible to resist, and why, because this dish only benefit, low-calorie and cooked in an instant.

How to cook a gratin of zucchini with mushrooms


Zucchini – 550 grams ( I had 2 PCs)

Onions – 1 medium head

Hard cheese – 100-150 gr

Mushrooms — 300 gr

2 eggs

1-2 tomatoes

4 tbsp flour ( no slides, if you take a slide with, I think, enough for two)

0,5 teaspoon of baking powder

2 cloves of garlic

Vegetable oil for frying 1-2 tbsp

Salt and ground black pepper to taste, greens


Onions cut in small cubes, mushrooms slices. First fry Continue reading

The most delicious dishes for the New year

A tasty dish for the New year

Duck with pears

Wonderful dish for new year’s table. For its preparation you will need:

Duck breast – 500 g

Pear – 2 PCs.

Olive oil – 150 ml

Rosé wine – 150 ml

Sugar – 200 g

Lemon – 2 PCs.

Ginger – 40 g

Orange juice – 250 ml

Cinnamon, saffron

Salt, pepper


Goose brisket thawed and washed under running water.

My pears and lemons. Prepare all the necessary ingredients.

Make the syrup: mix half of the sugar with water, put on fire and stir constantly.

Cleaned the pear peeled, cored. One thing oparam cut, another cut into slices.

Squeeze the lemon, mix with 150 ml of water and the remaining sugar. The pulp of the lemon slice, add to other ingredients, pour in the orange juice, spices. Put the saucepan on the fire and cook the syrup. In the middle of cooking add the pears and cook for another minute or two. Fruit should not be boiled soft.

On the belly make a cut, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Coat the meat in a small amount of sugar syrup.

Fry the meat on both sides in a hot pan until a crust appears, then put it on a baking sheet Continue reading

Argentinean cuisine


For example, the most common types of ice cream in only 20-30 Argentina. Probably much more,only the Argentinians loyal to favorite types, so just absorb them. In the restaurant you will also have a small selection. But they say that flour — choose from hundreds of options. In Argentina you will not face such a problem, it’s pretty simple and predictable.

The national dish of Argentina is asado. The so-called special recipe of cooking meat, which is considered one of the oldest in the records of the Argentine cuisine. For cooking charcoal, iron bars, bricks and meat.

Meat cooked on the grill — here is what the Argentines are so proud of. But for sure they know the special secret, since the dish has a refined taste and sophisticated aroma.

No wonder the Argentines claim that in their country the biggest cows and steaks. Perhaps it is because it is what fed steak here is excellent. However, it is surprising that Argentina ranks second on the eating of beef in the world, is not worth it.

The grill is a very common way Continue reading

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