Original recipes and quick snacks
  They say, "unexpected guests – worse than a Tatar". But, nevertheless, to treat have and and, as always mistress I want something extraordinary to surprise your guests. To show…

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The most unusual, exotic dish
  One of my friends invited me to the restaurant. And said he will book me for a terrific meal. I was intrigued and I agreed. Ate. It was stunningly…

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The most expensive food in the world
The most expensive food in the world We all love to eat, and often give themselves various Goodies, but to bring one dish or food, thousands of dollars and euros,…

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The most delicious meat dishes in a slow cooker


What to cook for dinner? This question probably was asked many Housewives. I want to make something easy, simple but at the same time hearty. Ideal – meat dishes. In a slow cooker you can prepare without much hassle. This useful kitchen assistant will choose the desired temperature and the optimal time.

Recipes of dishes from pork


Washed in water and dried pork cut into small pieces. Stew the meat in the “baking” for about thirty minutes, adding vegetable oil. Then fold in the flour and fry the pork for another ten minutes to crisp. Carrot grate, onion cut into rings. Put the vegetables in the slow cooker. Sauté them for about ten minutes in the “Baking”, and then fold in the paprika. Chop the tomatoes into cubes. Together with tomato paste add to basic ingredients. There also pour water, add salt, Bay leaf and pepper. Dishes of meat in a slow cooker, usually prepare about one hour. You just need to enable the “suppression”. Dish sprinkle with herbs. Serve with rice.

Pork with potatoes

Ingredients: 500 grams of meat, salt, a kilo of peeled potatoes, onions, spices and vegetable oil.

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Low-calorie dishes made with exotic ingredients


Sometimes homemade food in the literal sense of “boring” and seems boring. Because of this, the hands themselves drawn to fast food or “Goodies” with a high sugar content.

The meal cannot be made into routine. Dishes should not only absorb, but also to enjoy them. This will help, for example, a variety of ingredients. Add some exotic to the everyday menu. And the process of weight loss and diet this is not a hindrance.

Vadim Alekseevich Kasatkin

psychotherapist, reflexologist, specialist of the Association “VITA CENTER”

Low-calorie dishes with exotic ingredients

Treat yourself to delicious and healthy food with exotic components. This will not only bring variety in your diet. Such dishes will help to prepare for the change of power, if you are going during the holidays to visit other countries. But even if you don’t plan to soon leave the city, it’s nice just to dream with a tropical cocktail in hand, right?

Smoothie — tasty, healthy, elegant

Desserts tropical fruit is a real treat for the sweet tooth. You can prepare meals very low in sugar, and still get a delicious treat, a real Continue reading