Quick and tasty potato dishes
The potato is one of the most common foods, below are some simple and, most importantly, quick recipes cooking. Potato pancakes in Belarusian . The Belarusians, like no other nation,…

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10 most beautiful dishes of the world
  1. Some Establishments, Restaurant (Errenteria, Spain) The dish: "Red fruit from the garden" some establishments, head Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz took several years of experimentation to create this bubble…

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Delicious quick salads
  Salad from a green radish You will need: green radish - one tuber, onion - couple onions, chicken eggs - one egg, ham (or bacon, sausage) - 50 grams…

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The most exotic dishes

Apple dishes

Apple – fruit, whose value is difficult to overestimate. Throughout Europe it is loved from ancient times: the extent of this love can be judged by how firmly it entered the mythology of various peoples. The most established of the images – the “rejuvenating apples”, the history of which can be found in ancient Greek and Scandinavian myths, and in Russian fairy tales. In our day science has confirmed what the ancients were convinced: “Who eats an Apple a day, he goes to the doctors”, says a famous English proverb. Of course, this statement is slightly exaggerated, but the effectiveness of apples in slowing the aging process, cancer prevention, regulation of metabolism and increase the level of hemoglobin has been proved. And the best part is that the use of such “drugs” brings pure pleasure!

Apple dishes – it is, above all, drinks, desserts and pastries, from the simple to the exquisitely complex. The most popular type of cake made from apples – Apple pie . The basic recipe for this cake is extremely simple, and you can easily modify it as you wish, adding to the dough sour cream or cream, mixing apples with other fruits or berries, etc.

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The most delicious variety of salads


Do you like salads? I, for one, think that the salad is the best decoration for any table. Many people in our country only prepare salads for the holidays, and I think this is wrong – delicious salad will decorate the holiday table, and everyday. Want to cook delicious and varied salads? I offer you a few tips that will help you to prepare the most delicious salads available to all us ingredients!

1. Use for cooking salad only ceramic, glass or enameled ware.

2. If You prepare salads from the vegetables, chop the main ingredients of the recipe depending on the density of their tissue, the denser the tissue of vegetables, the finer the cut.

3. Cut and clean the vegetables, cooked for the salad, just before start to prepare the dish.

4. Adding vegetables to your salad don’t combine warm and cold vegetables, salad will spoil faster.

5. Vegetables for salads it is better to cook in their skins, so they are better preserved vitamins.

6. It is very important to prepare salads just before serving.

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Low-calorie dishes made with exotic ingredients


Sometimes homemade food in the literal sense of “boring” and seems boring. Because of this, the hands themselves drawn to fast food or “Goodies” with a high sugar content.

The meal cannot be made into routine. Dishes should not only absorb, but also to enjoy them. This will help, for example, a variety of ingredients. Add some exotic to the everyday menu. And the process of weight loss and diet this is not a hindrance.

Vadim Alekseevich Kasatkin

psychotherapist, reflexologist, specialist of the Association “VITA CENTER”

Low-calorie dishes with exotic ingredients

Treat yourself to delicious and healthy food with exotic components. This will not only bring variety in your diet. Such dishes will help to prepare for the change of power, if you are going during the holidays to visit other countries. But even if you don’t plan to soon leave the city, it’s nice just to dream with a tropical cocktail in hand, right?

Smoothie — tasty, healthy, elegant

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