The recipes are delicious and quick salads
Minimum ingredients, minimum time and great food as a result – I guess every woman would dream about this recipe. We offer you the recipes of delicious and quick salads…

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Salad of green tomatoes for the winter
  Sometimes, when cooking marinated brown, green tomato remains a fruit 5-7 kg. We usually take them with a stock adjusted for damaged or wrinkled tomatoes Nothing to worry about.…

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Meat dishes
  Meat dishes The value of meat for human health is known: meat supplies protein to the body, is called protein, which is indispensable for the maintenance of life processes…

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The most expensive dishes


The world’s most expensive spice – saffron. The saffron, which often can be found in shops and supermarkets, is called false, because it is made from the stamens of ordinary marigolds. The real spice is a stamen of the plants of the family krokusowa. To get a pound of saffron, you need to collect 225000 stamens. No wonder that this spice costs about 6 thousand dollars per kilogram. However, to improve the taste of any meals, just six stamens.

The most expensive caviar in the world is not black and caviar of Beluga-albino, which is called “Almas” occasionally exported from Iran. One hundred grams of caviar are Packed in a jar of pure gold and sold at the price of about 2 thousand dollars.

The world’s most expensive mushroom is the truffle. It is usually only in the instance of auction, so the exact price per kilogram of this product is unknown. Due to the fact that the mushroom is a highly perishable, often amusing anecdotes associated with it. For example, in 2004, purchased for 28 thousand pounds 850-gram truffle is simply rotten. The most money ever no sound for this rare mushroom – 209 thousand dollars per 750-gram fun.

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The most exotic dishes of the planet


Everyone, one way or another, peculiar appetite for the new, the unknown, the exotic. Perhaps for this reason, many domestic tourists, a visit to a distant foreign country, the first thing to inquire about opportunities to participate in any extreme or megaexchange round trip.

Attracts travelers and foreign cuisine, the masterpieces which sometimes plunge into shock even the most daring experimenters.

Among the most “harmless” dishes can be called, for example, smoked slatino and can often be seen in institutions of Italy, or sweet cakes made from… pig’s blood, offered to the visitors for dessert, the restaurants of Taiwan. Sounds a bit scary, but the local population this delicacy enjoys a fantastic popularity.

More exotic compared to the Taiwanese dessert, appetizer looks from the larvae of moths which is, incidentally, the basis of the diet of Australian aborigines. This is no joke, because this food is a unique protein source that in the conditions of the Australian desert this makes the product really valuable. Popular foods from insects and in Bangkok, where they prepare a kind of kebab. In the course are all kinds of creatures Continue reading

Pepper stuffed with meat and rice

All good cooking mood! Do you like sweet pepper? I’ve never really complained, and now I rejoice when summer comes, and finally ripen these wonderful vegetables. Because you can prepare many delicious dishes of pepper . It goes well with other vegetables in salads. gives an unusual taste in borscht, as well as an excellent complement to risotto. But signature summer dish with this vegetable is, of course, stuffed peppers . The recipes of this dishes is really a lot, someone makes a meatless stuffed vegetables, someone bakes the peppers in the oven, and some even preserve for the winter. I will give his own version, which is suitable for consumption by nursing mothers and children: peppers stuffed with meat and rice . And traditionally post the recipe with

We will need:

— peppers (I like yellow) – 1 kg;

— minced meat – 600 g.;

— carrot — 1 PC.;

— onion – 1 big onion;

— rice – 1 Cup;

— condiments, spices;

— salt;

— vegetable oil – 1 tbsp

A little explanation:

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The most delicious dishes
Fat is a universal, multifunctional, environmentally friendly product, is an indispensable party table all peoples of the world from ancient times to our time. After reading this book you will…


Argentinean cuisine
  For example, the most common types of ice cream in only 20-30 Argentina. Probably much more,only the Argentinians loyal to favorite types, so just absorb them. In the restaurant…