The most delicious low-calorie dishes
  At present, an increasing number of people thought to nutrition. In fact, every second, acquiring in the store a particular product, it is not always thought of its calorific…

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10 most beautiful dishes of the world
  1. Some Establishments, Restaurant (Errenteria, Spain) The dish: "Red fruit from the garden" some establishments, head Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz took several years of experimentation to create this bubble…

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What to cook on New year
What to cook for New year? Ideas dishes in the year of the monkey You should first prepare yourself! After all, beautiful hostesses and table perfect. And the second thing…

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Meat easy recipes

To cook delicious chicken in the oven with white wine, vegetables and herbs You can master this recipe!

Among the many dishes that we daily see on your table is food, which involves a large number of meat products. Actually, they are called ” meat “. They are very different and are prepared with different toppings. Also, they do not have any particular method of preparation. There are various methods to cook: frying, boiling, stewing, steaming, grilling on the open fire and much more. Over time it became easier, as added methods of cooking, for example, microwave and slow cooker.

Not only from the option of cooking depends on the taste of Your future meals. Also, You can use different types of meat products. For example, pork, beef, veal and so on. Spices and herbs also have a big role. They will make the beef more soft, and spicy pork. In addition, they add a special subtle flavor that You won’t forget. And yet, they can even the most unpleasant smell of a bad meal turn into a unique bouquet of subtle aromas. The meat will soak them and get the taste that suits You. Because every family has Continue reading

Prepare exotic meals at home

Prepare exotic meals at home

If you want to cook chicken wings in Chinese, you will need a few ingredients:

– Chicken wings – 500 g.

– Honey – three tablespoons

– Soy sauce – one third Cup

– Mushrooms – 300 gr.

– Vegetable oil without smell – a third of a Cup

– Onions – 1 medium onion.

– Ginger – 1 piece.

– Ground black pepper.

Chicken wings need a singe on the fire, rinse and dry. Notching the joints, so that when cooking the wings not his neck. Each wing RUB black pepper and coat with the honey. Honey is better to melt in a water bath to better went. In a pan heat oil and quickly fry the wings to a beautiful color, place them to the side. The root of ginger cut into slices, chop the onion half-rings. Mushrooms to clean and slice too.

In the same oil, fry the mushrooms and onions, laying on the stage – ginger, mushrooms, onions. Spread remaining honey on top, chicken wings, pour the soy sauce and simmer on low heat under a lid for about thirty minutes. If you need to add boiled water.

Spicy condiment “Spark”

Korean kitchen.

Seasoning gives any dish a special flavor, pungency and aroma. Many Continue reading

What cook on weekends

What cook on weekends (ideas and recipes)

Today is Friday, which means weekend approaching. This is the time when you: first, sleep. And on Monday back to work. Just kidding, there are other things that can and need to do on the weekend. During the week rarely get to cook something special. In the morning there’s only an hour before leaving for work, and in the evening: well, if the husband will cook, then after work at once to eat and to be creative. And if not, then on an empty stomach anything creative is not being written.

Recipes some treats on the weekend

At the weekend a good meal dumplings cooked in a double boiler. Just on the weekends to cook them enough time. You can slowly wind the good homemade stuffing, putting into it a little more onion for juiciness.

On Sunday, cook a large pot of nourishing red borscht with beets. I have detailed instructions for the preparation of delicious soup step by step. With the recipe you can experiment as you like it — chicken soup is to take the pork chops, you can substitute the meat with mushrooms and beans. In the end, will be the diet vegetable dish vegetarian soup that can be eaten during fasting.

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